You may remember me first waxing lyrical about The Balm‘s blushes here. Today, I’ll take it a step further and review the blush that I purchased: Frat Boy.

Frat Boy is a lovely shade of peachy-apricot with pink undertones that I reckon would flatter most skin tones regardless of warmth or coolness. It really is so gosh darned pretty sitting in the pan. And there’s so much of it, too: a whopping 8.5g!

The powder itself is very finely milled and extremely pigmented, housed within a slim, quirkily designed cardboard compact with a useful little mirror in the inner top flap.

Here’s a look at how it fares against my skin, under natural daylight:

The colour shows up so nicely with just one swipe. I would recommend using a gentle, light hand with this blush (and in fact, all blushes made by The Balm) – just a soft tap of the bristles on the surface will do for a cheek’s worth of warm, healthy, radiant flush. Besides, it is always easier to build up pigment when it comes to blush than it is trying to remedy an inadvertent clown cheek!

I would definitely recommend this blush to any of you who are after a blush that isn’t jarring or overwhelming, but instead helps create a soft, happy glow in cheeks when used in the right amount. Truly, there’s a reason why The Balm’s blushes are cult favourites worldwide – and Frat Boy is testament to that.

The Balm’s Frat Boy can be found at Sasa outlets throughout Singapore. It retails at SGD 30.90, but if you’re lucky you’ll find it on sale at 20% off the usual price. Keep your eyes peeled, ladies ๐Ÿ™‚


9 thoughts on “Review: The Balm Blush in Frat Boy

  1. do u have problem with the balm lasting power? i love the colour of my thebalm blushers but they just disappear within 2hours!!!

    • Thanks Gin! I actually don’t have a major problem with Frat Boy’s lasting power, but that may be because I like dusting a fine layer of Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick over all my blush for a bit of an added soft glow – maybe that helps keep it in place for longer!

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