I’ve referred to this particular moisturizer in my Adult Acne Diaries posts, calling it a myriad of names from Clinique anti-blemish SOS moisturizer to Clinique moisturizer – in any case, the actual product name is as per the title, and it is quite a good product. In the US, it’s known as the Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer, but somehow our version here does not have benzoyl peroxide, making it a much milder version compared to the US.


I’ll let you read the product usage description:


And as a summary, this product promises:

  • To treat existing and prevent new blemishes
  • That it’s lightweight and breathable
  • To control oiliness
  • To soothe redness

What I love about this moisturizer is how quickly it sunk into my skin. It feels a bit emollient, before quickly absorbing in, and helps with small comedone blockages. Overall, if you have the occasional breakout (say, 4 or 5 small to mid-sized ones) as opposed to the full-on acne attack (like mine of late), Clinique’s clearing moisturizer does an amazing job of subsiding the blemishes. It’s not a miracle product against heavy acne, but I was still able to use this despite the dryness caused by Retin-A and Roaccutane because it is that gentle.

Here’s the ingredients list:


As you can see, no benzoyl peroxide like the US version, but the US version doesn’t have salicylic acid in it. Perhaps the Asian version sold on our shores are made for our skins, and it does appear to be a milder formula. Another thing missing in our ingredients compared to the US is peppermint extract, which is an irritant.

I’d definitely recommend this for those who are battling the occasional breakout. It’s got a lovely gel-cream texture, is quickly absorbed and it works. It doesn’t come cheap however; at a mere 50ml for RM100, that is one expensive moisturizer. I might consider repurchasing – the price is a huge barrier for me.

OK one thing to note – my dermatologist did advise that being on RoAcc and Retin-A are good enough for peeling and exfoliating (they both do it inside and outside) so using additional products with salicylic acid might be a bit overkill. I personally didn’t see too much of an issue when I was using this during my RoAcc period but I’d probably listen to my dermatologist moving forward.


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