Awrighty folks. I’m continuing the course (I finished the first month last Sunday, 12th August) and went for a follow-up on Saturday, 18th August. My dermatologist gave me heaps of advice and sent me away with 21 Roaccutane pills, telling me to stick with the same once-a-day-every-alternate-day routine. However, I can adjust it eventually to maybe twice or once a week, after three to four weeks. We’ll see how it goes.A typical RoAcc treatment goes on for about 12 weeks to more, and the reason why I’m still on it is because my dermatologist saw plenty of small ones, which indicate overactive sebum production still.

Here are some non-makeup pictures to show the marks.




I know my previous post made it seem like my skin was amazeballs, but it’s due to the makeup covering the marks. The main objective was to show that my skin no longer has large cystic acne, and to reinforce the fact that RoAcc works, but it does not heal the marks. Marks take time to disappear, so the pictures show you that yep, no more large giant zitballs, and now it’s all about staying hydrated, putting moisturizer and sunblock to ensure the marks heal properly.

Take care everyone, and have a lovely Sunday.


4 thoughts on “The Adult Acne Diaries: The Continuation

  1. Hi, i just saw this post and wanted to wish you good luck as my skin went ballistic when i first moved here,i ended up on roaccutan as well,but what really helped was ‘blue/yellow light lamps’, they have them in dermatological offices (so some are for killing the bacteria and others for the redness) and honestly the sessions with that took some time but really helped my skin, hope this info helps as i wish id knew better before i started jumping form doctor to doctor in search of a real solution, best of luck!!

    • Hey Nik, thank you for visiting and I really appreciate the kind words. I have heard of those lights and they are selling them commercially now. Might look into them much later ๐Ÿ™‚

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