So it’s been a week since I completed my month-long course – 14 tablets of 20mg, taken every alternate day. While I still bear battle scars of subsided acne, I’m pleased that I now look a bit better:


Goodness. I look goofy. I don’t think the camera likes me much. Also – I’m wearing my usual foundation with concealer and my skin surface is FLAT. Brilliant πŸ™‚

I’m still quite dry all over my lips and on my body. Roaccutane is quite strong and takes some time to flush outta the system, which is why doctors recommend not getting pregnant for at least one to three months.

Skin care wise, I’ve been staying with Clinelle’s deep cleansing gel, soothing toner and switching between the intense moisturizer and lighter Moisture Boost, depending on how dry my skin felt. I also used Neutrogena’s sunscreen. I’ve just started reintroducing my trusted EstΓ©e Lauder ANR back into the routine to help with the healing process.


The first three are old trial-sized packaging, and the largest Clinelle packaging you see is the current brand look. To the best of my knowledge, the new packaging still has the same formula. The only Clinelle formula which I used that has changed is their scrub, and I prefer the older formulation.

I started using Clinelle a few years ago on the advice of my dermatologist. My brother swears by them and I’m glad that I’m now back with the basic range because it really is gentle. Avene’s Cleanance cleanser was a little too stripping for my skin type, and I had just finished my Clinique anti-blemish moisturizer.

So I’ll be visiting the dermatologist tomorrow for a review, and I’ll keep you all posted :). Do check ksuan’s adult acne journey as well.

Please note that this series of posts are based purely on my own experiences and do not serve as medical advice. Everyone has different skin, biological makeup and reactions.


5 thoughts on “The Adult Acne Diaries: One Week After One Month’s Course

  1. I’ve missed Clinelle. I used to use almost the whole range when I first started blogging, and especially liked the Deep Cleansing Gel. Don’t know if the formula’s changed after all these years, but I’m adding this to my shopping list when I’m back in Malaysia end of ’12/beginning of ’13 πŸ™‚

    PS: Your skin’s looking great!

    • Thanks Tine! The only thing that changed in formulation was the scrub – the older formula was much better. I’m really liking the Intense Moisturizer for dehydrated/dry skin – I think it’ll be lovely for you to use during Melby winters πŸ™‚

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