Now before you panic, no, Ksuan is not leaving belle demoiselle. Ever since I graduated in ’08 and Ksuan a year later (she completed her honors year with first class honors), we’ve been research and corporate rats, slogging away day-to-day, blogging to release our stress, and keeping each other company via GChat.

So that’s what’s been missing today. No more Ksuan to chat with, and I’m sure her chat friends miss her too. Not only that – her ex-colleagues have been absolutely amazeballs and gifting her with Nerf guns, scarves, and other goodies, and I’m sure they miss her too.

So why is she not around? Why am I wishing the best of luck to her? Well, because she’s back to being an academic rat at a very prestigious institution (I’ll leave that to her to say where, if she wants) for her Masters. It’s been a stressful past couple of months for her with applications and decision-making, not to mention keeping up with blogging and work, so here’s to you Ksuan! Best of luck and study hard πŸ™‚ I am so happy for you. Here’s to another first class honors!


12 thoughts on “Best of Luck to Ksuan

    • Thank you Bee! Will be in touch once I’ve sorted out my schedule and settled in, we’ve gotta have dinner. I live closer to you now!

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