Hi girls – just a very short post for today as I’m moving house (argh!), but wanted to show you a photo I snapped yesterday comparing The Balm’s three famous blushes. Here they are, take a look:

Believe it or not, full opacity of all these swatches was achieved with one swipe. I think the key to getting application right with these babies will be to employ a very light hand and a gentle tap of the brush – easy does it.

And yes, before you ask, I ended up purchasing Frat Boy (and once I run out, I have a feeling I may reach for Down Boy). 8.5g of heavily pigmented product retails at Sasa Singapore for SGD 30.90, but I bought mine for SGD 24.70 on offer. Great deal 🙂 Review forthcoming! Thank you for enabling, Syen!


16 thoughts on “Quickie Post: The Balm Blush Swatches

  1. thanks for the swatches! been wondering about them forever but the pesky SASA SAs keep breathing down my neck so i tend to avoid swatching at the store 😛 now i think i need down boy and cabana boy! 🙂

    • Yeah, ksuan was saying how no one has done a side-by-side swatch of all the blushes. The SAs can be a bit irritating but I usually shoo them away. There’s a 20% discount going on now so better hunt them down fast!

    • Most welcome, Hedonist 🙂 It’s pretty easy to swat the SAs away with a firm “I’m just browsing, thank you”, they get a little bit intimidated. Heh. And yes definitely go check them out. The 20% off is across the board for all The Balm products!

  2. Whoa. I think these are too much blush for me to handle. I hardly ever wear blush because I’m scared of looking like a clown! But boy are they pretty.

    • Hi Olgie! I thought so at one point too, but with a very light hand, they are gorgeous and set to last forever since there’s so much in the pan and so little goes a long, long way!

  3. Why wait till you run out? Downboy is great for cooler lipsticks and is my everyday go-to blush!

    Olgiepolgie: A light touch and a fluffy brush and these are awesome! Plus as a little goes a long way they’re bang for your buck.

    • Hi Kahani! Please, I implore you, don’t enable further. I am now a poor student and have no money to spend on pretty blushes!

  4. Down Boy was a gift from Syen and Kahani, and to date, is still my #1 favourite blush. Love how pretty the pink is. I have Frat Boy, and it’s lovely too 🙂

  5. damn! i really need to get my hands on at least blush from this brand. i have been seeing rave reviews of this and i don’t own any of it! 😛 battling between frat boy and cabana boy~

  6. Hahaha. Most welcome, dear.

    And sorry, I’ll have to agree with Kahani and Tine, Down Boy works lovely with with the pinks. Love all my theBalm blushes. They are awesome, aren’t they? *griiiin*

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