Following my favorite Esmeria Organics facial cleanser here, I expected the moisturizer to become a firm favorite too. Here’s how it looks like:


Housed in a 30ml tube, I thought it was decently priced at around RM35+ and cheerfully popped it open. The moisturizer slithered out in a clear brown liquid, leaving me cursing at the mess it left on my desk. So, point to note: it is a lotion-type moisturizer, so open it with the cap facing upwards.

After various methods – patting, rubbing, using a sponge – to put this lotion on, I’m dreadfully sorry to say that this moisturizer does not sink into the skin at all. It left mine feeling very tacky and uncomfortable even after 15 minutes, and I woke up with an oily, sticky face in the morning.

It also has a tendency to dry up into gelatinous pieces:


On especially irritated skin, this moisturizer stings a little. It doesn’t soothe or purify either, because waking up with oily skin ain’t pure to me. Using it as a day moisturizer is a disaster because there is no way you can put your foundation on after this.

I tried this moisturizer before and during the start of my adult acne. Before I had oily skin and a few breakouts. Wish I could say this works brilliantly for my acne-fied face but it didn’t. Luckily for me, it didn’t add anymore pimples!

So yeah Esmeria Organics moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin, into the trash you go. Wish I loved you as much as I loved your cleanser.


One thought on “Review: Esmeria Organics Alpine Willowherb Moisturizing Lotion for Oily & Acne Prone Skin

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