I purchased my first 3 Inglot eyeshadows several months ago at Sunway Pyramid. Much as I like Inglot, making the trek all the way there was too much for a KL resident. So when Inglot finally opened up in Midvalley Megamall, I ran off to have a look see.


For the uninitiated, Inglot is a Polish cosmetics brand, well-known for the quality of their eyeshadows and their Freedom System palette. Fun fact: apparently their first beauty item was actually nail polish!



Candy land, candy land. Sometimes I wonder if I should even be on a shopping ban at all…and then I think back about all the rubbish I have back home. It’s not really about the expense; more about clutter. Inglot’s price points for all their products are very reasonable. RM30 for a single color eyeshadow, RM36 for the rainbow ones, and it houses a lot of product. Their foundation matching is probably the best I’ve seen in comparison to MAC and Bobbi Brown, and cheaper too.




Woohoo drag queen lashes!


Apparently their products are suitable for sensitive skin too – in particular, the AMC (Advanced Makeup Cosmetics) range. So it will not clog pores or cause breakouts. I am a little concerned given what’s been happening lately with my skin, and there were no proper indications as to whether their products are non-comedogenic/non-acnegenic.


Lip products, artistically blurred. My favorite are probably the AMC duochrome/multichrome glosses at the top right side. My take? Best worn on top of an existing lip color.


Loose pigments galore.



I’m in love with the duochromatic loose pigments. The leftmost swatch is mixed with Duraline, Inglot’s own pigment mixer. It feels very much like a liquid serum – very smooth and siliconey. I was taught by Denise, one of Inglot’s MUAs on how to mix pigments using Duraline. Basically: one small drop of Duraline, add your pigments into it, and mix. Don’t do it straight away on your eyes, unless you’re a pro (duh!). Mix it in a mixing palette first or even on the back of your hands.


Gotta love the mascara colors too. Purple would be great to give the illusion of thicker lashes.


The customized gold color Denise mixed for me using loose pigments and Duraline.


Aren’t they gorgeous??? These are the AMC lipglosses – placed over lip color, you’ll get a beautiful duo/multichrome effect on your lips. It’s not too garish either and can be played up or down depending on the event you’re at.


Inglot’s polishes are 4-free (as above in the picture). Really nice colors and flakies as well, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Prices are around RM40+ above, making it slightly more expensive than your American drugstore types. But those aren’t 4-free :p.


These loose pigments were swatched with an eye brush, dry. Can you imagine how much more intense they’d get if you swatched it on wet or with a mixer? Dang! If I were a certified MUA, I would’ve bought up the whole shop.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! It was great fun to meet the Inglot team at MidValley – some of you may recognize the MUAs from Sunway Pyramid – they switch between both locations. Pyramid has a slightly bigger range but if you can’t make the trip there, Inglot Midvalley will definitely satisfy your makeup lemmings :).


10 thoughts on “Inglot is Finally at Midvalley!

  1. Hey Dom, thanks for the info that they’re now in Mid Val! Awesome. Love their eyeshadows. But last I bought, they were only rm30 a piece! At the rate they’re climbing, they won’t be “affordable” for too long, me thinks.

  2. This is good news! πŸ™‚ Cos I seldom, if ever go to Sunway Pyramid even though it’s physically closer to me!! :p

    Where is the Inglot shop located? Is it near their *ahem* competition? πŸ˜‰ Frankly, Inglot seems more cutting-edge nowadays if compared to that other famous makeup brand now owned by a beauty conglomerate.

    • Hi Milktea, Inglot MV is located on the ground floor, north court. It’s smaller than the Pyramid flagship store so the range in MV is also smaller. I don’t recall if they were near competitors but MV’s ground floor is also home to Bobbi Brown and MAC. Inglot has some pretty amazing items for a very good price indeed.

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