Happy Saturday everyone! Just a quick post from my work desk – yes, I’m at the office on a Saturday afternoon so I can tie up loose ends before I start my graduate programme in a week and a half.

To compensate for the dread of going to work on a weekend (for the last time for a long time), I went and got an express pedicure at the mall near my house beforehand. My toenails are now adorned with OPI’s adorably named ‘I Eat Mainely Lobster’.

I do so love this shade. I’ve adored it since I first saw it as part of OPI’s Touring America range from Fall 2011, but never got around to giving it a try until today. It’s a happy, bright, slightly shimmery neon-coral shade that looks like an opaque pink jelly under white light while looking subtly shimmery-coral under warmer lighting conditions/sunlight.

The undertone is more pink than tangerine, making it quite flattering on neutral to cool skin tones like mine. I reckon it could work on a warmer skin tone too, though 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I’m going to get this report done and hightail it out of here!


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