Most of you know that I’m on a shopping ban of sorts. Specifically, no more beauty-related stuff unless absolutely necessary. I gotta use up everything until it’s finished before purchasing new things to coo over. But do you know what pushed me to do that ban?

When I bought a makeup cube organizer from Romana (Makeup Organizer) and saw the sheer amount of items I have. And this is just makeup-related. My skincare stuff is separate.

I kid you not. Each drawer measures 12 inches x 12 inches x 3 inches. That’s a lot of junk you can keep. It’s also pretty deep at around 3 inches, so you can stack your items. Let me help you decipher the pic above:

1) Drawer 1, top left: Everyday makeup items that I’m currently using – things like foundation, eye primer, mascara, liners, UD’s Naked 1

2) Drawer 2, top right: Brand new items and samples never used/opened. Includes the UD 15th Anniversary palette, the Guerlain Cruel Gardenia, gifts from friends.

3) Drawer 3, bottom left: Used makeup, may use it occasionally, such as the 88-color palette, lip products, compacts.

4) Drawer 4, bottom right: Brushes and other accessories.


This is the actual casing. The drawers are removable (obviously). If you watch The Kardashians, you may have seen some clear makeup organizers on their dressers. The original is called the Clear Cube, which retails for USD300.00 and above, depending on the sizes. A local entrepreneur (link given above) decided to make her own version which is almost exactly the same. I bought mine at around RM390.00.


The Romana Makeup Cube is made out of acrylic. Mine was quite sturdy and solid, but I would’ve preferred it if the slots where the drawers slid into were glued a little better. It was a little hard to slide the bottom drawer back in – somehow it kept getting stuck, so I found that I had to jiggle it beforehand.

The reason I purchased it was because I had no space to keep my items and if I placed them in my desk, I’d most likely forget that I had them. This being a clear cube meant that I can see exactly what’s inside and remember, “Oh yeah, gotta use this one”.

For RM390.00 though, was it pricey? Yes. It is however pretty decently-made, heavy, and looks great on the table. I think I would’ve been more comfortable purchasing this at a much lower price, but I got great follow-up and customer service from Romana herself, plus I was able to check on the condition of the cube before purchasing it (checked for cracks, scratches, general sliding in-and-out smoothness – I only discovered the bottom drawer issue at home).

So there you have it! Purchase this if you have a crapload of items like I do and if you’re comfortable with the price. Put it this way: an original one will cost you USD300.00, and if you purchase from Muji, a simple two-drawer one that’s half the size is already RM80? RM90? (Romana sells Muji-inspired types too). It also looks so much classier compared to the plastic drawer types you get from hypermarkets or stationary stores. Don’t if you don’t have many items, and of course, if it’s too expensive for you. I don’t regret my purchase, personally, but 1 is probably enough for me right now.

A few tips: Clean your cube with a soft, damp cloth (damp with WATER ONLY). Alcohol-based cleaners, window/glass cleaners and the like will damage the acrylic. It can scratch quite easily as well so do be mindful.

Here’s a closer view of what I have in each drawer:





10 thoughts on “Review: Romana Makeup Cube / Makeup Organizer

  1. I’m liking the look of this cube organizer! But it’s a bit pricey. 😦

    When are you going to use your birthday gift dear? Your next birthday is coming soon… 😛

    • URM. yeah, it’s just gonna sit there and look pretty. I CAN’T DEFILE IT. that’s how much it means to me.

  2. I’m going to echo Rinnah and ask when you’re going to get around to the UD15 palette?? Hallo, it’s been a year!! LOL…you’re not going to make me stand there and force you, right? RIGHT? 😛

  3. the cube is so elegantly pretty! and it really keep things tidy!!!!
    but too expensive to me…*cough* i am a cheapo….
    so let me just admire the beauty of it lol..

    i spot two bonjouris foundation up there! one unused and one used? XD can i conclude that u enjoy bonjouris too?
    such a pity we dont have bonjouris here…. i am dying to try one of those!!! is it that the nearest place we could get one is singapore?

    • Hey Gin, yes it’s very pretty. I’d recommend getting the Muji-inspired ones from Romana; they’re cheaper and smaller. In hindsight, it is a little too big but very useful. You are correct about the Bourjois foundies – good eye! I do like Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundations. The nearest place to get them is Singapore, and it’s pretty good. If you can wait though, Asos sometimes has sales and it’s much cheaper than Singapore.

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