In a moment of weakness, I got my paws on this baby over the weekend: Silkygirl Moistureshine Lipstick in 04 Simply Nude. 

At first swipe, I immediately thought of this as a potential dupe for my Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. What was the verdict? Read on to find out!

The lipstick is encased in a less-than-hardy plastic tube, which is a little bit irritating and makes the product look slightly tacky. Shame, really – because this little lipstick is rather excellent.

Here’s a swatch under natural light:

Look at that colour payoff after only one light-handed swipe! It’s clearly not a true nude in the conventional sense of the term, but it really is a lovely pinky-peachy shade. Another super-versatile and very wearable My Lips But Better shade to add to my burgeoning collection. Also, it goes on very smoothly and doesn’t settle into lip lines. Perfect.

So how does Silkygirl’s Simply Nude match up to Revlon’s Peach Parfait? Here are the swatches for comparison’s sake:

The verdict? Pretty close, I would say! Simply Nude, on the left, actually errs slightly more to the peachy side than Peach Parfait, which tends to pink against my skin tone.  Peach Parfait is also a tad more shimmery than Simply Nude.

They both feel similarly good on the lips – light and moisturising with a pop of peachy colour. Peach Parfait’s formula is also much more moisturising than Simply Nude’s, as one would expect from a lip butter. However, I prefer Simply Nude’s formula because it’s far less prone to melting in the Singaporean and Malaysian heat. My tube of Peach Parfait has not stood up well to the scourges of our humid tropical climate, sad to say.

Also, at a jaw-droppingly affordable MYR 14.80 on promotion (it’s MYR 17.90 when not on sale, which can hardly be described as expensive), this really is a good little lipstick. It’s available in eight shades, ranging from bright pinks to sheer plums, at your local Watson’s or Guardian outlet.


6 thoughts on “Review: Silkygirl Moistureshine Lipstick in 04 Simply Nude

  1. i knew it! i knew i shouldn’t tell myself not to buy this lipstick just because the packaging looks cheap. silkygirl always have great stuff at an affordable price, but their packaging sometimes just make me cringe!

    • Maybe that’s how they keep the price low Plue 🙂 I agree – the packaging gives me all sorts of “NO” but if it’s really that great, why not hey?

      • yeah, but then you know right, we are quite the visual creatures, if the packaging not nice, usually we don’t bother already hahahaha 😛

        but silkygirl is a brand we can always check out, cheap and usually for that price, it does pretty well

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