A few weekends back, we were invited to the Lancome Rouge in Love roadshow to learn more about their latest lip product, the Rouge in Love range.



There are three ranges within the collection, each designed with a different theme.




Swatches correspond with the order shown.









This is the first lipstick/balm combination product I have, and it’s a great way to get into the habit of wearing lipstick. I’ve been a tad timid about wearing full-on lip colors and this whole collection swatches quite sheerly. I think it would be nice to wear it on top of a complementing lip color, or on its own for a pop of color. To be honest, I felt almost like munching on my tube of color – it’s so bright and jelly-like! (No, don’t worry, I didn’t).

The collection promises “high shine & color”, and is “featherlight”. I’m assuming the term “featherlight” is associated with the feeling of it on your lips. The color I have, 155B Miss Coquelicot, feels very lip-balmy – something I would use during the winter months in Melbourne. There’s definitely a lot of shine going on, and the color, albeit a bit bright-looking in the tube, is actually nicely sheer and buildable to a certain extent. I would think however if you have very pigmented lips, some colors like the browns/nudes may not show up too much.

I’d recommend this range if you’re looking for a lip product with a muted color for everyday use. It looks awfully bright on Emma Watson, but it wasn’t that bright on us in real life.  It is quite moisturizing, but sometimes I find that layering it on for more color makes my lips feel rather slippy, almost as though I dabbed pure Vaseline on my lips.

Lancome Rouge in Love retails for RM75.00, which is quite a good price point if you’re looking for a higher-end brand.


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