You’d think that being a beauty addict, I would always flounce out the house with complete make-up and load up on my skincare. WRONG. Yes, I am a beauty addict, but no, I don’t wear a complete face and skip out on sunscreen sometimes. I also don’t flounce. I heave myself out of bed on most days, dreading the chill of the air conditioning and wishing so desperately that I can stay warm in bed till I wake out of hunger.

That being said, there are two types of make-up I must have, no matter what. Foundation base and eyebrows. I own and love the iconic Shu Uemura ninja-style angled brow pencil (yeah I totally made that ninja thing up, but you know what I mean), but being a beauty addict means that I can’t be satisfied with just one brow product. Heavens, no. Here’s where the ELF Professional Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame come in.

This is a dual-function item – an eyebrow tamer on one side and a growth treatment on the other. It comes in 5 shades, and mine is the darkest one – Deep. Here’s a quick look at the ingredients list.

Let’s review each function, starting with the treat side.


This is a clear treatment gel meant to encourage eyebrow growth. The supposed ‘active’ ingredient is hydrogenated castor oil, which is the 5th ingredient in the list. Apparently castor oil aids in hair growth. The lip brush-like applicator makes it easy to spread the treatment across the eyebrows, and its colorless quality means you can wear it underneath your brow makeup. It doesn’t hold the eyebrows in place however, so this cannot replace a typical eyebrow setting gel.

I used it for a month every night, but didn’t see any major growth. It did however speed the growth of plucked hairs a shade faster. This is not a miracle product if you have natural bald spots, but it may encourage slightly faster growth in plucked areas.


The Tame application is very atypical – colored fibrous gel applied with a mascara/eyebrow wand. This particular formulation gives very slight fibre extensions and darkens the brows quite a bit. You will have to use a separate spoolie to distribute the pigments evenly. Between this type of application versus a pencil, I prefer a pencil because it’s quite hard to shape the brows with a fat brush. There’s also no way to extend the brows in a natural manner.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Before: Unruly, downwards-growing brows

After: Slightly more groomed, but not much to cover any bald spots. Some darkening of brows

I wouldn’t repurchase this again as I’m pretty happy with my eyebrow pencil, and the growth treatment wasn’t that amazing. For around SGD8 though, it wasn’t half bad. I purchased mine through a friend. You can get it via Smoochiez.

Shopping ban disclaimer: This was purchased prior to the shopping ban 🙂


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