Want soft luscious shiny hair?

Then look no further than Pantene Nourished Shine Shampoo.

It touts to:

Transform dull, lifeless hair for all-day shine by removing dirt, oil and styling products. When used as a system with Pro-V Nourished Shine Conditioner, you’ll see:
•    Hair that’s conditioned and shiny
•    Naturally reflective, smooth and shining strands that beam with a healthy look
•    Smoothed cuticles to shine with health

So does it perform as expected? Read on!

I have thoroughly Asian hair that’s black, thick and heavy with the propensity to get oily really quickly and lay flat and horrible. Due to this I favour gel-like shampoos and my current favourite is from Herbal Essences. Unfortunately it does leave my hair a little dry and staticky and since I’ve been in humid Singapore, my hair is even worse than usual!

Along comes Pantene Nourished Shine shampoo, which is housed in a huge white bottle with a pump attached. The product is a milky cream (something I grimaced at initially because I thought it would make my hair super gluggy!) and it doesn’t create much lather.

I found two pumps sufficient to clean my scalp and hair and it rinses off really well! The scent is indistinct; a sweet shampoo smell which I think is similar across all Pantene products, it’s not particularly floral or fresh, just smells nice.

So how did it perform? Great! I was really surprised and happily pleased because my hair became super soft and shiny without the feeling that it was soaked with oil. It feels nicely conditioned and even looks good, and better yet keeps my scalp feeling fresh! In fact it performed so well I started touching my hair and remarked ‘wow it feels so lovely’ and promptly took a photo.

The bottle retails for slightly less than SG$7.00 which I think is pretty good value.

Have you tried it? Let us know your comments!

Personal disclaimer: I do not use any conditioner. If you do, let us know if it helps (or not) in conjunction with this product!


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