Brows. The bane of my life. They’re thick, dark, straight and unruly and completely unfeminine. I can’t keep them in check by myself due to bad eyesight and sheer laziness.

I first had my brows done at Clarins Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur and though it was utterly professional I felt the end result a little too harsh. Subsequently I also went to a private salon attached to my hairdresser where the specialist employed the ‘threading’ technique. Can I just say OW?

Since then, I’ve left them unchecked but after reading so many beauty blogs and looking at beauty tutorials I’ve gained brow envy. That’s right. All those delicately arched, perfectly shaped feminine brows, I must have them!

I’ve walked past Benefit’s Brow Bar multiple times but have never paid much attention. After reading a few reviews I thought I’d give them a chance.

So how did it fare? Read on!

Benefit’s Brow Bar can be found in multiple locations in Singapore including Tangs Orchard and Sephora ION (the latter is where I went).

I dropped by without an appointment and they just informed me they were available after 1.30pm, so I happily had lunch and browsed Sephora’s aisles before being called over. The counter is clean and neat with a few Benefit products on display such as their brow cake palettes and face moisturisers. I filled out a quick form listing any allergies or prior skin treatments and the brow expert got to work!

I was initially taken aback by the fact that they didn’t ask any questions. I was fully prepared to tell my tale of brow woe but it was unnecessary! The whole process was quick and efficient.

The very nice lady marked my brows and groomed them into place before placing warm wax in neat lines and ripping everything off with small soft pieces of cloth. She then tweezed off leftover stray hair. What I really appreciated was that she could see me wincing and gently kneaded around the forehead area after each pull so it relaxes the muscles and made the pain much more bearable. Afterwards she applied some moisturiser and concealer and said ‘all done’! I think it barely took 15 minutes.

Even though the Brow Bar is in a public area with customers passing by and occasionally looking, I felt really comfortable. The brow experts were all polite and even joked along with me. First and foremost though, they did a thorough job, and made the entire process stress-free.

However – did I get those perfect brows? I think I did! I haven’t been this happy with my brows since forever. The brow expert kept them full with a gradual arch, tapering in the end. See for yourself in this happy snap, taken just after the Brow Bar session.

The service cost me SG$22 (expensive according to ksuan) but I’ve paid more for my previous brow sessions. There are also other packages available including brow+lip waxing or multiple brow sessions. I would happily return to get my brows redone in a few weeks!

Have you had your brows done? Wax, thread or tweeze? Let us know your stories!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: SdV Takes On Benefit Brow Bar – Ion Orchard, Singapore

  1. your brows sure is looking good 🙂 I think it’s expensive too, coming close to about rm50…

    i do my brows the normal way, which is tweezing and shaving and trimming 🙂 Have to do it every month otherwise my eyebrows go all bushy and unruly.

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