Wanna know a little something? I LOVE the smell of citrus. Bitingly sour limes and tooth-achingly sweet tangerines – doesn’t matter, as long as I can smell that citrusy acidic scent, I’m hooked! However, there have been too many artificial fragrances around which make me feel a little ill, which is why I rarely purchase fragranced beauty products.

This little gem from Lemongrass House however has changed my mind. Have a lookee:

Lemongrass House is based in Thailand and specializes in fresh, handmade spa products. The closest outlet to us in Malaysia is unfortunately in Merlion Land (Singapore, by the way. Grumble mumble). Lemongrass House supplies their products to hotels and other outlets around the Southeast Asian area, including Australia, and they produce items for everyone, including pets and babies!

Let’s whip out the pros and cons list (which hasn’t seen the light of day in the longest time):


  • Scent: Lovely, true-to-life citrusy fragrance that is balanced out with green tea. The citrus fragrance is derived from mandarin orange essential oils, and they’ve also added jojoba oils and aloe vera. There are a mix of other good extracts such as lavender and cucumber.
  • Concentrated: This is a small bottle, but you only need a pearl-sized, maybe a bit bigger, amount to later up nicely and spread it around. If you use a bath sponge, you can get even more lathering action. It’s super viscous compared to your average bath gel.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sulfate-free! Paraben-free! Animal-test free!
  • Packaging: I’m a sucker for spa-ish packaging. Love the twine and paper effect.


  • The cap: I’m quite fiddly with no-pump containers. While I’ve yet to drop and spill the contents, I’m always worried that I can’t control the amount dispensed and that I may drop it, because it has happened before. I guess this is mitigated somewhat by the small bottle size but still…you never know with clumsy ol’ me.
  • I cannot comment on the price as I don’t know how much it costs – I got it as a Christmas present – but it’s undoubtedly more expensive than your average bath gel. That being said, it’s a lovely treat with an amazing scent.
Here’s how the unwrapped bottle looks like with its metal cap:

So for our Singaporean readers, you’ll be able to get it at the Lemongrass House Raffles City outlet. Rinnah and Bee both like this brand a lot, and you can see Rinnah’s review here. Both of them particularly liked the room sprays so I might just get one for myself when I go down to Singapore, which will be in approximately three weeks. Can you guess what’s happening in Singapore in three weeks?


6 thoughts on “Review: Lemongrass House Mandarin Orange Shower Gel

  1. citrus scents are lovely, i particularly like grapefruit the most! now i know you love your citrus, picking gifts are now a little easier! tee hee! 😛

    • LOL I’m with you Plue, now I know you like grapefruit! I like natural smells best though 🙂 if you spray something crazy fruity/citrusy at me, I’d probably run far, far away.

  2. I love Citrus smell for body too! I’ve never bought anything from Lemongrass House even though they have quite a few outlets in Singapore. There’s one at 313 Somerset Orchard (hope it hasn’t closed down), and 112 Katong Mall (too far for most people).

    I always get a bit turned off by Lemongrass House because the scent is way too strong and overwhelming when in store. Maybe I’ll take a second look when my Lush supplies run out! haha. I LOVE Lush body wash so far.

    • Hello Joanne! Thanks for letting us know the other store locations. I personally haven’t been to either Lush or Lemongrass in Singapore, but the Lush store in Melbourne was very strongly scented as well! Maybe less ‘spa-ish’ compared to Lemongrass. While I love Lush’s packaging and some of the products, they’re quite expensive, and the recent animal cruelty campaign was not very palatable :S. However, I hope to pop by both stores – who knows if there may be some things worth purchasing?

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