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So the last time I talked about this, I couldn’t stop raving about how much my skin improved after being clogged on my cheeks for so long. This was sometime last year, and then I stopped using it after I was done with my review in October, as I was reviewing other serums. I started using it again this year, stopped again in mid-February, and started again in March. I was already getting comments in early February, like, “Your skin is really dull” and “You look really clogged up – there’s a lot of clogged pores on your lower cheeks”.

I bit the proverbial bullet and started up in March, as stated. It was getting ridiculous – cystic acne blobs that left marks, blocked pores that refused to de-clog, dull, shiny skin…sigh. So I used it again, twice a day, and this was my skin at its worst since September/October 2011. “Would it work again?” I wondered, as I slapped on the essence.

The largest bottle of SK-II I've ever owned on the right, packaged in a solid bottle with laser etching. It's the anniversary bottle 🙂

And yes. It did. It slowly but surely declogged my pores, and as a pre-serum sort of treatment (I don’t really look at this as a toner), I thought I saw a few stubborn marks disappear faster with my whitening serum, compared to when I was using it without the essence. This was confirmed when my mom said, “Eh, you’re using your SK-II facial essence again? Good! Continue using it! Your skin is much better!” Top praise from mom is the best, and it’s not the only compliment I received; my colleagues pointed out the difference, with some cheekily adding that “Your skin was really bad before but it’s smoother now!”.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The thing with compliments is, it’s much nicer to share these confidence-boosting stories. SK-II has just launched a new compliments tab on their FB page. From now till May 22 2012, you can share compliments that you’ve received about your skin in the SK-II FB page, and the 10 best comment stories will win the following products from SK-II:

– 75ml Facial Treatment Essence
– 30ml Cellumination Essence EX
– 50g Skin Signature Cream

All of this is worth a sweet RM1,033 (RRP), so share your compliments, and get even more with this lovely prize. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Re-Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and a Compliments-Worthy Contest

  1. I have to say when I had a sample bottle of the Essence, I didn’t notice a difference, but the Clear lotion made my skin less oily. Maybe I should just get it over the price and get a full-size bottle. Nothing else has worked as well, although I’m still looking.

    • Hullo Olgie 🙂 I used 3 sample bottles (30ml x 3) before I saw any difference. I haven’t tried the Clear lotion yet. However, there are probably other options to try. I was speaking with a friend last night about La Mer…apparently that’s the motherbomb of all skincare. Have you tried?

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