Mircoz is a brand I’ve seen popping up in departmental stores, but I never thought to try any of their products. I think they’re pretty well-known for eyelash-related items, if not mistaken. Anyhoo, I got this mask sheet as part of a freebie last year and I actually took these photographs early this year…and I’m only putting them up now (so sorry :().

It took me a while to tear this one open because I had no idea what mask it was. So I turned the pack around and found this:

I got even more confused. I wasn’t sure how many masks there were. In the section about ‘hand masks’, the sheets are referred to as hand masks. For feet, they call it feet masks. For the face and neck, they call it masks. Are the masks for multi-use purposes – hands, feet, neck and face? Are there two pieces for hands and feet, and a piece each for face? I stared at the packaging, almost willing for a breakthrough of some sort – did I miss reading out a few crucial instructions? Am I becoming daft?

I read the ingredients list: Collagen, aloe vera , three types of floral extracts, vitamin C and milk collagen. By this point I thought that, “OK, this means that it’s a multipurpose mask, you can use it for your face/neck/hand and feet, but I really don’t know how it looks like”.

So I tore the packaging open and ended up with two oddly-shaped pieces of sheet mask. I had forgotten to take pictures because I was just stumped with how odd the shapes were, and trying to figure out which part of my body I wanted to use it on. I eventually decided on my feet, and then didn’t know how to wrap it around my feet. This was the end result:

Rectangle-like sheet masks that were big enough to fit my size 5.5 feet, didn’t cover all the way to my soles, and had additional folds at my ankles.

I didn’t experience any major moisturizing effects from this mask, and I couldn’t discern anything different about my feet’s skin texture. It was just wet and sticky. No whitening effects either. My calluses are still callused, but they do feel slightly softer. So since I didn’t see anything on my feet being different, I doubt that I would’ve seen anything majorly different on my face. The reason I didn’t want to use this on my face was because this mask is touted as a foot mask as well. The concept of a hand/feet/neck/face mask, all-in-one, does not sit well with me.

I’m befuddled by this product, honestly. Poorly-thought out instructions, very oddly-shaped sheets and pricey (it’s RM20 per pack). Suffice to say that I’m glad I got this as a freebie, and I will not be purchasing this. It may take weekly applications to see any results but hey, there are a lot of well-reviewed masks out there that you can purchase for much cheaper, and you don’t have to lose a few braincells over trying to arrange the sheets all over your face or feet or wherever.


4 thoughts on “Review: Mircoz Face & Neck Hand Foot Mask

  1. I think they used a generic packaging, and the one you got is supposed to be a foot mask. The little droplet shape at the corner of the different masks’ directions I think is where they indicate what mask it is.. unless you put that orange label thingy there yourself hahaha

    • Woop! You solved the puzzle for me. No, I didn’t put the orange label thing but now that I’ve relooked at it, I’m like, “Oh yeahhhhhh…”. However, using generic packaging is a bit dumb IMHO. Not to mention generic ingredients. I don’t use foot stuff on my face or vice versa.

        • LOL honestly I AM becoming dafter. However. I still stay by my point that you should not use generic packaging. I was showing the package to my mom and my friends, and all of them were like, “OH FACE MASK. Wait. What mask is this?”

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