Once in a while, I like to go back to basics with my skin, hair and body care regime. For me, this entails using as few products as I can (i.e. not mixing it up so much and switching cleansers/shampoos/shower gels all the time). Also, the products should be as simple and non-abrasive as possible.

Here’s one of my favourite go-to back to basics products: Johnson’s Baby Soft and Shiny Shampoo. And yes, there is absolutely no shame in using Johnson’s Baby products. Ever. Because they are wonderful 🙂 And I’ll tell you why this particular shampoo is great.

Scent: Undoubtedly, the scent is one of my favourite things about this shampoo. It’s a light-hearted, clear, fresh and fruity smell that brings to mind sweet, ripe, small mandarin oranges. Makes the everyday hair-washing ritual a significantly happier one 🙂

Formula: This bright orange, clear fluid professes to contain conditioning, wheatgerm and honey extracts to help keep hair healthy and soft. Formulated for toddlers (the original yellow formula and the pinkish orange-coloured conditioning formula are formulated for babies, so say the labels), Johnson’s Baby Soft and Shiny Shampoo is meant to be extremely gentle so as not to irritate young skin or eyes. I see no reason at all why adult skin and eyes should be spared this delicate treatment 🙂

Before you ask, yes, this shampoo does contain sodium laureth sulfate, but not in copious amounts. The lather from this shampoo is very mild, almost negligible compared to drugstore shampoo offerings from brands like Dove, Clairol, L’Oreal and their shelfmates.  If you’re after voluminous, foamy goodness with every wash, this shampoo is not for you. If you’re after a shampoo that’s low-key and does what it’s supposed to do while smelling nice, this is it 🙂

Performance: It’s been a few weeks of regular use now, and I love how my hair feels post- Johnson’s Baby Soft and Shiny Shampoo+ blow-dry. It smells faintly of sweet mandarins and always feels so very soft and lustrous. Some shampoos, particularly those which are high in silicone content, tend to leave hair extremely silky, but a bit weighty at the roots and dry at the tips. This shampoo does not boast Pantene-like super-sleek results, but it does leave tresses naturally soft, with no parched tips, no heavy roots – just light and flippable hair. Honestly, I prefer this anyway 🙂 Additionally, my hair continues to feel this way throughout the day, even if it’s warm and sticky out. Also, because this formula doesn’t strip away the scalp’s natural oils, it takes longer for my roots to get greasy over the course of the day than when I use other more abrasive shampoos.

Pour conclure, I think Johnson’s Baby Soft and Shiny Shampoo is a great addition to anyone’s bathroom cabinet for days when you just want a clean, no-frills, fuss-free shampoo that does the job, does it well, and leaves hair feeling light, shiny and naturally clean. Of course, you may end up like me and start using it every day – and that’s not bad, either 🙂 There’s a reason that parents have trusted Johnson and Johnson’s baby products for so many years, and this product is but one of many that are testament to this trust.

A 200ml bottle costs a very wallet-friendly SGD 4.70 at your local pharmacy.

PS: I have also used this product to wash my makeup brushes. Fantastic. Bristles are nice and soft once they’re dry, gets rid of impurities like a charm, and your brushes smell delicious afterward. Bingo.


9 thoughts on “Review: Johnson’s Baby Soft and Shiny Shampoo

  1. i use the conditioning one for my brushes, alternating it with top to toe wash 🙂 when i go traveling, i bring along a bottle of top to toe and there’s no need for a separate facial wash/ body wash/ hair shampoo! 😀

  2. “voluminous, foamy goodness” <– me likey phrase =D

    And now I'm overcome with desire to try this product. Btw do you use it on its own or with condi?

    • Haha thank you Kahani! 🙂

      And do give it a try. I don’t know how well it’ll work for your ultra-long tresses though! I use leave-on serum afterward, but I daresay given the length of your hair, conditioner would be a good call 🙂

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  4. Interesting, Soft & Shiny is a registered trademark of a Canadian cosmetics manufacture, and Johnson & Johnson management has an audacity to label their shampoo and market their shampoo as Soft & Shiny , a copied trademark of another company.

    Does this not ho against J & J CREDO ?

    • Hi Gene, that’s something we’re not sure of. It’s possible that under trademark laws, Soft & Shiny in Canada was trademarked for use in Canada alone. If that’s the case, it doesn’t impede other brands from using the same words in other countries, as long as the trademark application doesn’t affect them.

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