I went on a Neutrogena bargain buy around March/April of 2011. Armed with a 30% discount voucher and the itch to try their basic 3-step routine, I purchased the Liquid Neutrogena, said moisturizer above, and the alcohol-free toner. All together, it cost me around RM65.00 which ain’t half bad for a 3-step routine.

The description at the back states that:

This is a no-frills moisturizer that would do great for those with drier skin conditions, i.e. if you’re normal-combo tending to dry as opposed to normal-combo tending to oily. I really wanted to like this a lot, given that I really liked the cleanser and toner. However, I found that this moisturizer just sat on top of my skin, with that uncomfortable filmy layer. It doesn’t mattify much despite the clinically proven oil-absorbing MICROSPONGE system.

One pump was a little too much for me, so I use less than that and spread it onto my face. I tried warming up the product on my palms to emulsify it further, but didn’t work much. If you’re having the same problem to get the moisturizer absorbed, I recommend using a disposable sponge to apply this product. It worked better for me but I eventually reverted to using my hands instead because disposable sponges aren’t that cheap to use on a twice-daily basis.

The pump is lockable – twist turn to unlock and lock it. It pumps out a white gel-cream with no discernible fragrance. I didn’t experience any major breakouts from this product, but got a few blocked pores, ironically enough. I ended up using this only at night just because I sleep in an air-conditioned room, and my skin could do well with some moisture barrier protecting it.

So I guess this explains why I’ve had it with me since last year – it’s almost been a year and I use this on and off dpeending on how my skin feels. My skin’s never dry enough that I feel comfortable with using this on the long-term, and what was really disappointing was how it didn’t control shine as stated, and that it blocked my pores, particularly on my lower cheeks.

Again, do note that my skin tends to be on the oilier side, so if your skin is drier, you might like this a whole heap more than I do :). I think this retails for around RM20+, if not mistaken. I wouldn’t repurchase it again.


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