Looking at the blog title, I realize I’m such a bad punner (ksuan can attest to my bad pun skills, *cough*). Back to the post – I’ve been an SK-II Facial Treatment Essence user for the past year or so and you can find my review here. I was pretty happy with the star product because it works, but then I got the chance to try the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, so I got extra excited.

The SK-II Facial Treatment mask (or FT mask) is a sheet mask that’s soaked with so much Pitera goodness, it’s like dunking my whole face into a barrelful of the essence. While the FT essence is water-like in texture, the FT mask’s serum is a clear, viscous gel-like substance, like most sheet masks. I’ve only used two so far and it’s a lovely, hydrating treat for my skin. Apparently you can rinse off if you want to, but I didn’t because SK-II is quite premium, and I want  reap the full benefit of the serum. I know that for me, the Pitera essence works to help my other skincare absorb better and in the long term, my skin heals faster from random afflictions like pimples or clogged pores.

As this mask was full of Pitera essence, I woke up in the morning with plumper, hydrated skin. And … cue the first pun, I had fresh morning face as opposed to greasy morning face.

Now, onto the second pun – we would like to introduce SK-II’s ‘fresh face’, their new ambassador Ms. Sheila Sim! I’ve written previously that SK-II selects ambassadors carefully, and they did the same with Sheila. She’s a top Singaporean model who has worked with Ferragamo, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, and she’s now foraying into the “lights, camera, action!” world with the indie film “Autumn in March.

Sheila Sim, SK-II Ambassador

So you may be thinking, “OK, is there anything else to Sheila?” Well, Sheila loves the sun, sea and outdoor sports, and she’s a firm believer in natural beauty and being comfortable in your own skin. I think it’s great how she can maintain her flawless complexion while being active – I myself like being outdoors – and she does that with SK-II as it’s the most efficient skincare for her. She’s been a user for quite some time now (as are the other ambassadors), so she’s proof that investing in your skincare and keeping to a routine that works for you are probably the best ways to maintain your skin. Here’s a huge welcome to Sheila as one of the lovely faces of SK-II.

Sheila Sim - SK-II Ambassador

So that’s pretty much it! I will search the price of the masks for you – it comes in a pack of six, but you can get the starter kit (called the Pitera Essence set) at RM199.00, which contains a 75ml bottle of FT essence, one mask and a 40ml toner. If you haven’t tried SK-II, this is a great way for you to start. Here’s how it looks like below:


A 75ml bottle could probably last you for about half a year, or maybe longer (used twice a day). I’ve got a 250ml bottle that I got last Christmas and I’ve used only 1/8ths of it, because a little goes a long way.

My giant 250ml bottle on the far right. It was last year's anniversary release. It's not part of the 3-piece Pitera Essence set.

Drop by SK-II’s official Facebook page here and check out the latest, exclusive news on Sheila and SK-II’s range of products.

Disclaimer: The Pitera Essence set was provided by SK-II for review purposes. belle demoiselle operates on a total honesty policy, and only our truest opinions and experiences are reflected in our writing :).


6 thoughts on “Introducing Two SK-II Fresh Faces – Facial Treatment Mask and the New Ambassador

  1. Uh is it me or is the model’s face so fresh its 2 shades lighter than the rest of her? Sorry that was the primary thing that grabbed me >.< I used SK2 – the whole range, and 3 bottles of the FTE + masks back when they first came in. I no longer do.

    • hahahaa PB, so funny >_<…. and, I'm a SK-II user for 5yrs now but going to juz stick with FTE after i finished my current products, can't afford to "support" so many ambassadorsssssss … =='''

    • Hi PB – I didn’t spot that out but now that I look at it, her skin looks pinker too. My mom also used SK for a long time but eventually stopped because of cost and because the effects plateaued, but her skin was much improved after using SK so it stayed that way.

  2. I think I have a mask that I never tried from a gift set I got for Christmas. I’ll have to give it a go.

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