Charla’s blue, Ivanka’s green.

These were two polishes that took a long time to grow on me. The polishes themselves were more diluted compared to my other polishes, and it made my application slightly uneven. These two also took a really long time to dry – I was using my middle and ring fingers to tap away at my navigation keys (online manga reading requires very little skill) – and my ring finger accidentally slipped (don’t ask how – I have a doctorate in clumsy), causing the polish to go all wonky. Mind you though – this was about 12 minutes into application and it still created a huge gash.  If I had Seche Vite, I’d probably have no worries but I didn’t spring any money for it, so boo on my part.

Requires at least two coats – one coat and you can still see the VNL (visible nail line). Both are sparkly nail polishes, as opposed to shimmer (which is very light) and glitter (glitter is like China Glaze’s Tinsel Town). Removal was painless – much easier than glitter nail polish. The size of the sparkles are quite uniform, and they’re green and blue specks (depending on whether you’re with Charla or Ivanka) suspended on a jelly base. There’s a bit of a textured foil look, which is very chic and smooth to the touch.

I bought this last year at around RM33 online. The only reliable retailer I know is Secret Allure.com but do check around to see if there are better prices. Between the two, I prefer Ivanka because I love greens, and Charla kinda looked a tad too garish. Both are quite fun nonetheless, but I would not recommend this for the office.


6 thoughts on “Quickie Review: Zoya Charla and Ivanka

  1. Mermaid colours! 😛

    I have a bottle from Essence called Choose Me that’s a close dupe to Ivanka, though I think it’s a little blue-er. Great thing is that it’s only RM5+! Personally quite like the formula (dries pretty fast, and does last quite long on my toes ) though it’s on the sheer side (needs at least three coats)

    • Spot on for the mermaid reference! I’m glad you found a dupe – I think bluer is better. Charla was a bit – off, not entirely sure how. It just didn’t look as right.

    • Both polishes took ages to grown on me 🙂 I must say that after 2 days of wearing it, I did grow quite fond of it but it’s a pity that I can only wear it during long holidays or weekends. Can’t imagine going to work with this. My boss would be OK but not the rest.

  2. I could probably get away with this at work – providing there aren’t any corporate events/ meetings I need to attend. They’re gorgeous though, so glad we got them on sale! 😀

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