Hullo folks! Let me introduce you to Clarins’ Whitening Velvet Emulsion (White Plus HP Sea Lily Enriched – which basically means it’s got sea lily extracts). It’s an expansion of their existing whitening range, and I wish I could just tell you YES, IT WORKS and leave the post at that note. But I wouldn’t be a very good blogger now, would I?

So this is some fancy new technology from Clarins. New research suggests that non-neuronal dendrites called melanocytes continue to export and extend melanin pigments into our skin, so this new technology attempts to retract the problematic dendrites from branching out more. Hence, it tries to alleviate any more darkening of the skin.

I have the non-SPF version of this emulsion and it’s housed in a lux metal-like pump package. Hold the brakes – what’s an emulsion? Simply put, it’s a moisturizer. One pump (and occasionally, a pump and a half) is enough for my whole face. Now, as this is an emulsion, the texture is slightly runnier compared to your regular cream moisturizers. It pumps out a white fluid and left my skin well-moisturized. Those with normal skin would really like this a lot. I tested this when my skin was normal-combi and when it was super oily (during the time of the month), and I found that my oily skin didn’t really like the feel of it too much for some reason, but it was fine during the other times. If you read the list below, the emulsion checked all points for me except for the make-up hold. My skin has a mind of its own so I didn’t see any prolonged make-up wear – it still oiled up as usual but I wasn’t too fussed about it.

Wanna know why I said yes, this works? The first time I applied it the night before, I woke up to brighter skin. I have dull skin and I like being tan, so I use whitening products to brighten up my skin complexion and hot dang it works. Of course the WOW ‘immediate’ effect waned off after several days of application but I saw my skin sustain its brightness. I experienced no breakouts from this either.

TIP: Now, the first few times I applied this, I didn’t warm it up in the palms of my hand (which I should have). So while the texture of the emulsion made it easier for my skin to absorb it, it wasn’t absorbing as much as it could because I was just rubbing it into my skin like an ol’ regular moisturizer. So I sleuthed around and found the Clarins method of warming up the product on my palms, and pressing it onto my face. I started on my cheeks, moved up towards my temples, forehead, then moved down towards my neck. The product absorbed a lot better and settled more comfortably on my face.

You can get this at all Clarins counters at RM190.00, if I’m not mistaken. It really is a nice little surprise to see the change on my skin, so I do hope that if you get this, that it works for you too. It is a little pricey and for me, a repurchase may be necessary only if my skin gets super dull (like it has lately). Otherwise, I’d stick with my other moisturizers.

Disclaimer: Product provided by Clarins for review purposes. Our reviews are not influenced in any way and reflect our own experiences and views.


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