This is my reigning best nail polish formula and color ever. The color reminds me of those silver holo papers we used back when we were younger to make origami stars. I wish I had a camera to capture the depth and complexity of this polish. It’s called a Silver holo but when the light hits my nails, little stripey rainbows dance across my fingers. This polish makes me very happy.

I recommend two coats as one is too sheer.

Application was literally a dream. Not streaky, the brush was dense yet flexible enough, and the formula was smooth. The color payoff was amazing as well – pearlescent and not over the top. Cameras tend to capture the light reflecting off the nails, thus making it look a bit more stark, but in real life, this is a beautiful, work-appropriate polish.

RM45 for a small 9ml bottle, available from Secret Allure. This is much more expensive compared to getting it in Australia, but again it’s only available in Brisbane and Tassie stores. Online purchases are available, so I’d recommend buying and shipping it to a friend who’s based in Australia, especially if you’re going to visit them or they’re visiting you.


8 thoughts on “Quickie Review: Glitter Gal Silver 3D Holo

  1. woah, lovely nail colour! but it’s a bit sheer is it? can see a bit of your VNL 🙂 might look good as a topcoat also lol

    • I think this is quite budget as well in AUD if not mistaken? Do give it a go. I will review Lizard Belly next, which is a gorgeous green.

  2. did some scrounging around and to my surprise, once you factor in the shipping in Australia (since polishes are considered hazardous post material) the difference is only a couple of bucks so I’d consider getting it locally for the convenience. 🙂

    the colour is absolutely GORGEOUS though, I’ve never been so tempted!! >.<

    • OK. So get it! 😀 Hahaha. You’ve seen Lizard Belly live but I haven’t tried it yet. The small bottles are too precious to waste.

      • There’s an online store in SG that sells them, but it’s more expensive than getting it from MY. You planning on getting some? If yes, we can combine for free shipping…. 😛

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