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Zoya Veruschka is a matte polish from the Zoya Matte Winter 2009 collection. A beautifully dense, deep forest green color, it’s an earthy polish that is suitable for work and play. If you look close enough, there are minute specks of green glitter than keep the polish from looking too flat/too dull. It’s one of my favorite colors and I would definitely repurchase it. The only two cons I can think of are the wear time – at most, maybe 3 days before the tip wear and chipping get to me – and how fast it dries in the bottle. I think matte polishes have a tendency to goop up quicker than normal polishes, but a few drops of Seche RESTORE thinner does the trick (yep, Seche RESTORE ain’t just for Seche Vite). Zoya is available from Secret Allure, and *I recommend getting Seche RESTORE from Nail Fiesta as it’s cheaper. Right now I’m feeling a bit disgruntled, looking at the price difference but it’s my fault for not shopping around carefully.

*edited onwards


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