To all you girls who don’t believe that cheap mascaras can work miracles, perhaps now is the time for a little reassessment 🙂

Thanks to the impeccable Eli of So Loverly who convinced me of the merits of local brand Silkygirl, I ran out to get a tube of Hi-Definition Mascara like hers. I ended up landing this one instead, as it was selling at the extremely cheap promotional price of SGD 10.00.

How quickly I have been converted, thanks to Silkygirl Lash Curler Waterproof Film Mascara!

To kick us off, here’s what the advertisements say:

Stand out with Hypnotic Eyes! The New Silkygirl Lash Curler Waterproof Film Mascara comes with an Intelligent Helix Brush for that fanned-out effect that gives you + 75% longer and + 20% curlier lashes. Super Curl Polymer curls lashes for up to 12 hours!

And just for fun, here’s the slightly corny Silkygirl ad for the product in question:

After several weeks of diligent daily use, here are my very positive findings 🙂

Formula and Texture: Colour-wise, Lash Curler’s formula is very dark – a true black with no grey tinge. It looks slightly clumpy and thick on the brush, but this tends to be the case with film mascaras. In this case, the texture has no bearing on how smoothly it applies. As with many mascaras, this formula gets better over time, after it’s dried out a little bit.

Brush: At first I wasn’t so sure about the brush and its double-helix inspired design, but I have grown to like it. It does a very good job of coating every lash evenly, and is pretty easy to maneuver. Mistakes are hard to make with this brush, as it’s small and delicate enough to get close to the roots of your lashes without fear of poking your eye out (see CoverGirl Lash Blast for a Goliath brush to fear). It also does a good job separating lashes and preventing clumps. Here’s a closer look at the Intelligent Helix Brush.

Performance: Excellent. No drugstore mascara, not even my most beloved Maybelline Full N Soft, has given me lashes this much fuller with a single coat. Curling power is pretty good as well, my eyes always look more open and brighter after this mascara. Of course, the curls hold better if you use a curler beforehand, but with this mascara, I’m perfectly happy to go without.  Two coats of Lash Curler stays on for about 8 hours without shedding. When you go past that, it does flake off a little bit, especially if you’re in humid weather. It also lives up to its waterproof claims and doesn’t shed or run when you tear up. I have yet to test its staying power in a downpour situation though, so we shall see 😉

Removal: It’s a delight for me to say that removing this mascara is a piece of cake with a large cherry on top. A single swipe of eye makeup remover and it all comes off cleanly! No rubbing required. Perfection. I attribute this to the film formula, which envelops each eyelash like a tube, thus allowing for clean and simple removal when the day is done.

Pour conclure, I really love this mascara. Great performance, great price, easy to remove, easily available – that’s four out of four stars, really. At SGD 10.00 and (I hear) MYR 16.88 at your local pharmacy, there’s absolutely no reason to not give this baby a whirl. I’m determined to go for Silkygirl’s Hi-Definition and Double Intense mascaras next. If they have as much performance potential as Lash Curler, I’m all in!


6 thoughts on “Review: Silkygirl Lash Curler Waterproof Film Mascara

  1. I actually bought this to bring to Sydney and promptly forgot to pack it. *face palm* At least I have 4 tubes of Hi-Def to see me through the year!

    • FOUR tubes of Hi-Def, I love the hoarding, Eli 🙂 Hope Sydney is treating you well. Looking forward to all the Aussie updates! 🙂

  2. I hope this works for me! I just had to throw out my old, dried up, super-expensive(!) Diorshow mascara. Swearing off high-end mascaras for good.

    • Ew, sorry to hear about the Diorshow fiasco, milktea 😦 Give Silkygirl a shot! They’re really good. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a pricey mascara (save for Bobbi Brown’s Everything) again.

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