Let me begin this post by saying that normally, I do not like body lotions of any description. Body moisturiser, my oily skin and the humidity of living in the tropics makes for a truly loathsome combination. However, Vaseline may just have come up with a product that has forced me to reassess my stand.

Please allow me to acquaint you with my new friend, Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Hydrating Body Lotion.

I was first intrigued by the tagline on the bright green pop-cap bottle: “for fresh and light-feeling skin”. A moisturiser that leaves skin feeling that way is something I could definitely jive with. Plus, I love products that contain aloe vera – so soothing!

Here’s the website claim:

Our light feel formula combines pure aloe and Stratys-3™ multi-layer moisture absorbing quickly, infusing moisture at the top, core and deep down layers*, leaving skin hydrated.

*stratum corneum (multi-layer surface skin)

Here’s the ingredient list:

And here’s what I reckon 🙂

  • Texture: Light. Feels and looks a little bit like a cross between a gel and a lotion – not watery but not particularly creamy, either. Spreads with ease.
  • Scent: Pleasant and fresh. May initially seem a little strong for some noses, but the smell doesn’t linger prominently after the lotion’s been absorbed into the skin.
  • Performance: Not that much is needed, perhaps a 20 cent sized dollop for an entire arm. Takes a little time to absorb but doesn’t feel excessively tacky afterward, even in humid conditions. Still, because I have oily skin, I try not to use it during the daytime. My routine with this lotion involves massaging it gently into my arms, legs and feet before going to bed – and I wake up to soft, comfortable and moisturised skin. My feet in particular have responded well to this lotion; my blisters are softening and healing up faster, bits of hard/dry skin are sloughing off better, and my soles feel smoother.

Pour conclure, a winning staple product from Vaseline. Finally, a body lotion I can work with! If it continues to deliver results this consistently, I’m going to be repurchasing again and again.

A 250ml bottle goes for a very reasonable SGD 5.95 at your local pharmacy. I’m sure this is available in Malaysia and perhaps even Australia at a similarly wallet-friendly price (will check and update once I find out) 🙂 There are also two other variants in the Total Moisture range aimed at normal to dry skin types –  Total Moisture Cocoa Glow and Total Moisture with Pure Oat Extract.


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