Ho hum – it’s been a busy week for both of us here at belle, but here’ s quickie post for you :). I purchased my first MAC foundation last month, and I decided on Studio Fix Fluid after reading a few reviews and going to the MAC store. Here’s what the packaging looks like:

I was color matched to NW25, which I found slightly odd because I’d always thought myself of an NC25. True enough, when I finally tried on NC25, it was a much better shade for me. I was initially color matched to NW25 as my face was a little ruddy, but one look at the rest of my skin (neck, arms, legs), you’ll know that I’m no NW. Most of you would be familiar with MAC’s color definitions, but as a quick reminder, NW is for stands for Neutral/Warm (tending towards pinker undertones) whereas NC stands for Neutral/Cool (tending towards yellower undertones).

That being said, when I mixed NC25 + NW25 together, I got quite a nice color match as well, but ratio-wise it was more like 60% NC and 40% NW.

In general, I find that Studio Fix Fluid lives up to the coverage claims. It gave me medium-full coverage, which means that I could barely see my hyperpigmentation, but due to my oily skin, I always powder up anyway so I’m unable to comment on the oiliness. I’m a firm believer in always setting your liquid foundation with powder especially in humid weather.

Texture-wise, this is a little thicker but quite easily spreadable. You don’t have to work very quickly with this formula as it takes a bit of time to dry. My only gripe is the packaging – there’s no pump and I know you can get it as an MUA but most of us as normal customers may have a hard time purchasing the pump on its own. Due to the thicker consistency of the formula, it doesn’t run out of the bottle easily, which means that you’ll have to treat it like a ketchup bottle (shake, tap it really hard to get the foundie out).

For RM119.00 at 30ml (which is pretty much a standard liquid foundie size), it’s cheaper than my Estee Lauder Double Wear Light by about RM30.00. For an extra RM30.00, I would actually purchase my EL over MAC because of the packaging – EL DWL comes in a tube so you can really control the amount of foundation you want and get it out easily. I also found that Studio Fix contains a lot of dimethicones, which probably resulted in why some reviews online said that it blocked pores and resulted in zits. Personally I rotate my foundations and I cannot honestly say if it broke me out or caused any clogged pores. I did however ask Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous if it broke her out, and she said it didn’t. However, her Twitter-ed opinion was that there are better foundations out there  (or at least with better packaging, in my opinion).

Is this a must in your collection? I like having this because the coverage is actually a shade better than Estee Lauder’s, plus it’s cheaper. However I find myself not using it as much as I would like purely because of the packaging. If you’re finicky about finding the perfect shade, MAC is always a great place to start and for RM119.00, not a bad price point if you don’t mind the packaging. The one thing I find useful about having a MAC foundie and using it for a while to determine if you really are NC/NW xxx is that online, there are a lot of reviews that start with “I’m NC/NW xxx, and this is why I’m using <this shade> from <XYZ brand>”, so it saves time and potentially money when it comes to searching for new foundies. E.g. I bought Bourjois’ Healthy Mix in 53 after searching relevant NC colors and matching myself with others’ MAC colors 🙂


12 thoughts on “Review: MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF15

    • Might need to get a new color match? I don’t think MAC is very good at determining color sometimes. NW swatched on a bit grayer for me but I like mixing and matching foundation colors. Texture-wise Studio Fix is very good at spreading and coverage.

  1. can u believe that i have never bought any MAC products before? 😉 although quite a few friends that i know are fans of mac, but they SA really put me off. >< i like BB foundation, but unfortunately it is a whopping rm160/30ml now 😦

  2. I used to use Studio Fix a long time ago and did suffer some breakouts but it’s probably caused by not cleansing my face properly. From what I remember, it is a pretty decent foundation. I’m glad that it’s working out for you.

  3. Xin, you’re not the only one who hasn’t tried Mac foundation. My pores clog really easily so I avoid using foundation. Can anyone advise on a foundation that doesn’t clog?

    • Hi Rosie, thanks for dropping by! So far none of my foundies have clogged me, so you can check out my reviews there. Are you more of a powder or liquid gal?

    • Hi!
      You can try getting an oil free foundation. 🙂
      But those usually cost a lot higher.
      I’ve switched to an oil free bb cream and the clogged pores are getting better! 🙂

      • Hi Ying Zy Lim – thanks for stopping by. You’re right, oil-free foundies are usually quite good especially in our humid weather – hence not as many clogged pores.

  4. I used at least 2 bottle of this when I was in Malaysia. Back then, I didn’t know better, read heaps of reviews on MAC products, and thought this should be good. It’s actually not bad, but it’s not the best. It didn’t break me out (would not have repurchased if it did) and looked all right on my skin. When I started beauty blogging, that was when I finally discovered better gems 🙂
    Btw, just wondering, did you ask for a pump with that foundie? When I bought my first bottle, the SA gave me one, saying it’s much easier to use with a pump. It didn’t come with my second bottle, so I just switched 😛

    • Hullo Tine! Yeah, I asked for a pump but they said that they don’t sell the pumps. I’m not sure how Studio Fix “photographs beautifully” as per what some of the online reviews say – I agree that it was just all right. Not a big fan of MAC tbh, although my first brush set was from them.

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