Admittedly I have lazy blogger days – days where I don’t want to blog or I could say, “This product is great!” or “This product stinks, don’t get it!” and have it done for the day.

This isn’t one of those days.

You gotta stay peeled (haha, PUN. Did you notice it?) for this review because it’s worth it. I wouldn’t blog about pore packs unless it was something worth reading, right?

Everyone has used pore packs, amirite? But you ain’t used any pore pack till you’ve used Skin Food’s Egg White pack. 5 chin + forehead triangles, and 5 nose packs. Stick ’em on. You know the drill. Except for the forehead triangles – that one’s new. You stick that one in between your eyebrows .

See, the problem is finding pore packs that go the extra mile. Sometimes I get these really annoying blackheads and oil seeds deep in the curve of my nostril. I can’t squeeze that bugger out. Then there are chin and forehead whiteheads that I sometimes squeeze out (much to my satisfaction) but I’m pretty sure that there are more. I once tried cutting my Biore pore packs into size and slapping them on my chin and the little area between my eyebrows … suffice to say it didn’t really work.

So when Xin and Beetrice recommended the Skin Food pore pack, at first I was like, “What? 10 pore packs? 5 only for nose? For RM24.90? What?! I can get 20 nose packs for RM20! NOOOOO”. Then of course I caved in and said, “Ah, what the heck.”

This is how my chin and forehead packs fared:

And the nose:

A-frakkin-mazing. The pictures are a bit blurry thanks to my amateur skills but the oil seeds and whiteheads pulled out were amazing. It pulls out your facial hair too. You know how normal pore packs do pull out some stuff but it’s just skinny, short little things? These pore packs from Skin Food pull out fat globs of it. ALL THE TIME.

OK, go and buy them. Highly recommended.


10 thoughts on “Review: Skin Food Egg White Pack

    • You know what we should do? A pore pack party. Maybe after a crabby dinner, and then we all use the pore packs, and compare 😉

  1. and i thought the b**re was doing a pretty awesome job 😛 time to pick this up since i have like crazy ass amount of goo on my nose!

    • Hi Milktea! Yep, and after thinking about it, the price is actually pretty decent. You don’t have to use pore packs as often because this takes out more gunk at one go!

    • Connie, it is so worth spending the pretty penny. Seriously. I ran out and got one of these after dommie extoled its virtues to me, and I have zero-nothing-nada regrets, and a clear chin 😀

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