Hi ladies, sorry for the prolonged absence! Chinese New Year and family visiting from out of town occupied my every waking moment in a major way, and I am finally, properly back. Thanks for your patience and thank you dommie for taking such great care of the blog in my embarrassingly long MIA period!

So here it comes: my first China Glaze review. I am proud to say that I am really, really happy with this nifty little bottle of goodness with the eyebrow-raising name. Girls, please meet Trophy Wife.

Trophy Wife is a gorgeous shade of neutral pink containing copious amounts of fine shimmery silver particles. It looks great in the bottle and I love it even more when applied – pink without being garish, pretty without appearing ditzy, fun and cheerful enough for casual occasions yet workable for the office.

Colour payoff-wise, I would describe this shade as multidimensional. Under sunlight, the pink seems to have a golden shimmer, but under fluorescent/white light, the shimmer appears slightly cooler. And as I discovered recently from way too much time spent in Chinese restaurants, under yellow light, Trophy Wife looks distinctly coral.

Two coats are needed to achieve full opacity, but for more brightness and pop, three coats works great. And application is such a breeze because the formula is so smooth and just glides right on, nice and easy.

In the photo above, I am wearing two coats, topped off with Seche Vite (miracle substance much? Love it!). These two coats clung like Velcro to my nails for days, lasting the entire Chinese New Year week without needing a touch-up and only beginning to peel towards the end of about the 8th day of wear. This is pretty impressive, all things considered.

I purchased my bottle for a super wallet-friendly SGD 7.00 from a set-up stall at the concourse of the mall just a few blocks from my place in Singapore. This is a far cry from the SGD 20.00 that a bottle of China Glaze goes for at my local Watson’s outlet. How could I resist?

The stall was run by Smoochiezzz, a Singapore-based company that seems to be a cornucopia of all things makeup, except far more affordable than retail. Do check them out – their prices are incredibly reasonable (comparable/cheaper than Secret Allure, even), and they ship internationally! 🙂

Psst, more China Glaze entries to come. Here’s a hint – Some Like It ____ 🙂


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