Being in Malaysia means we get access to a whole host of Asian skincare and cosmetics, but it also leaves us on the backburner for Western and cult/indie brands. I’m sure that there are some in the US and Europe may feel the same about wanting to try Korean/Japanese skincare that’s not easily available in their local shops. Can you imagine paying almost RM30.00 for Ginvera’s cleanser? Well, that’s what UK folks have to fork out. Likewise, we empty our wallets to join online sprees for hard-to-get items here.

Anyhoo, I’ll be talking about brands that I wish were easily accessible to us. I’ll be disregarding the price issue (we know that getting these brands through sprees are going to be more expensive and also, existing imported brands from cosmetic giants like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder Company tend to be more expensive here compared to the US and Europe). Here we go!

Oh, Tarte – you of the amazing eco-friendly, blogger-raved beauty items. Amazonian Clay blush for only USD25? Lipsurgence lip products for only USD24? Sure, this translates to about what, RM75+ per product but we don’t get it here at all.

I know many people raved about Inglot and when we finally got it here, it was like WOW. But what would really wow me is if we get Illamasqua. Methinks it will be bloody expensive if it ever reaches our shores but their make-up and nail polish have won rave reviews (makes me think, “MAC what?”). While their cosmetics line is impressive, what really won me over was their association with the S.O.P.H.I.E. Lancaster Foundation, which is dedicated to educating the youth about acceptance and tolerance towards others, as well as their animal-free policy. These things may not hold a lot of importance in our local culture, but it’s high time we start caring more about what brands stand for, as the decisions we make as consumers can impact the way brands conduct their business.

LUSH. AH HOW I LOVE THEE. I stumbled into Lush when I was living in Australia and by golly, how can you not fall in love with the handmade soaps, shampoos, massage bars, bath bombs, oozy jiggly jelly soaps and everything else? The combined scents sometimes gave me a headache but I absolutely loved the rustic, organic packaging and the use of natural ingredients. Poring over the Lush catalog was an easy time-waster. LOVE. It was already a bit over budget in Australia and I hear that it’s even more so in Singapore…so if you’re in Malaysia and need a LUSH fix, just head down south. I don’t think LUSH will ever open here – it’ll be too expensive, hard to regulate (in terms of the ingredients) and Malaysians are not very good at keeping their fingers to themselves. They’d be busy poking every single thing that’s on display (and well, LUSH displays EVERYTHING within poking distance).

NYX and Wet ‘n’ Wild are two brands I’m lumping together because I deem them to be more on the affordable side, almost drugstore-like brands. NYX’s star products include a Naked dupe and their eyeshadow singles are amongst some of the best-reviewed in the blogosphere. They go for something ridiculously cheap, like USD3.99 (if only we got equally great eyeshadows at a similar local price!). Wet ‘n’ Wild 8 color palettes have also been reviewed positively and I think are great, cheap palettes compared to our local brands here.

That’s all I can think of today. Any brands that you would love to have where you’re at?


12 thoughts on “WishList – The Malaysian Edition

  1. i love lush! but most of my friends and family doesn’t like it because they smell pretty strong. i’d want to try illamasqua and also tarte but sadly, here don’t have it 😦 and sleek too!

    • Yeah, my family doesn’t like strong smells either. Tarte blushes are something I’d love to try (though I can’t blush for nuts).

  2. Living in the US I have access to quite a lot, but I am especially jealous of the UK brands – I have to order Sleek online, and have no access to a couple others. I’m also interested in exploring Asian brands, but not only do I lack access, I don’t even have information about what I’m missing out on!

    • Hi Emi, thanks for stopping by! I think for Asian brands, you can check out Sasa.com – we have Sasa retail outlets in Asia but they ship internationally via the interwebs. I think a good guide to go for is visit http://www.musingsofamuse.com – she’s an American blogger with a fondness for Asian beauty. Let us know if there are any brands you came across – we might be able to help you out 🙂

  3. Tarte is a little hit or miss based on the products I’ve tried thus far. Even the much raved about blushes are, I find a little ho-hum. Maybe I’m just a wee bit picky 😛 The other brands, I can live without. I had such a terrible experience at Illamasqua UK its killed all interest in the brand for me.

    • What happened at Illamasqua UK? Oh I forgot to mention that I would’ve loved Bourjois here – their eyeshadows are a miss but the foundies need some easy access for us here.

    • Hi Stephanie! Yeah, LUSH is a favorite of mine when I was in Australia, and their Lip Scrub is very nice. Kat Von D makes surprisingly great cosmetics so I agree with you, Sephora should try to bring in that whole line.

  4. Tarte! Oh, would I love to try their much-raved-about blushes. We have Bourjois here but for some reason, the powder I love isn’t sold here anymore. Got four of the suckers when I was in Hong Kong last year. Who makes these silly decisions? It would be so much easier if everything was available everywhere. That and Sephora should offer worldwide shipping! 😉

    • Hahah you and me both! Let’s hope for Tarte. There’s no Sephora down under now right? I am getting the much-raved Healthy Mix Gel Serum foundie via a friend who’s currently in the UK. Also – does Australia have any online sprees? We have a lot of people here locally who have accounts with Sephora, Cherry Culture, etc and a forwarding address in the US, so they purchase on our behalf, make a nice margin and then send the purchases to us.

  5. Illamasqua does FANTASTIC nail polishes and they have a good range of colours for most products. The only rant I have is their packaging. It’s plasticky and cheapy for the price and one of mine broke so I’ve to be extra careful when it comes to opening and closing the the lid. Le Sigh.

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