Yes, it’s a little late but I have to review this beautiful nail polish that came out of China Glaze’s Let It Snow 2011 collection. I fell in love with the whole collection but of course needed to choose exactly which colors I preferred, and I’m very happy with all of my choices. Here’s one which I’ve been wearing almost every day: Tinsel Town.

Tinsel Town is crazy in a good way – I see heaps of silver flecks suspended against a blue-black base. At first glance it looks like a predominantly silver polish but it isn’t – there’s just so much beautiful silver grit and a smoky base that makes it look absolutely classy yet wearable enough for daily wear (yes, including for work!).

Here’s how it looks like with flash. All I used were two coats and no topcoat. I think if I used topcoat it would be “WOAH SHINY”:

As you can see from my swatch, I get a very gritty silver color, whereas blogs like Temptalia managed to get the black base to show up in photos. Mine definitely had a lot more silver crowding my nail bed but I love the effect so very much. It looks gritty but application was beautifully smooth and lasted for about 3 days without a topcoat.

Here’s how it looks like without flash:

What I got in the bottle was what I got on my nails, so I’m happy enough. I do wish I could’ve swatched it with more black but for some reason it didn’t work on my nails. I found that the polish separated quite easily though – maybe it’s the formulation but there was a thin layer of blue oil, hmmm.

Anyway, for RM25 from Secret Allure, I thought it was a very good buy and such a lovely wearable color that can take me throughout the seasons (yes, this polish doesn’t care if it’s winter, summer, or whatever else is thrown in between). Is this something I highly recommend? YES – please buy it. And enjoy it.

In case you’re not convinced:


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