Happy Thursday everyone! Today we’re veering off the usual skincare and makeup reviews, and taking a sniff at the Trésor Midnight Rose eau du parfum, the latest edition from Lancôme’s Trésor line.

The first Trésor was a little musky and more mature; after all, it was launched 20 years ago. The bottle shape is more classic and reminiscent of old school perfumes. I started paying attention with the second Trésor edition, Trésor In Love, which introduced the same bottle shape as Trésor Midnight Rose and an accompanying ad campaign fronted by Elettra Wiedemann, targeted to a younger generation of women. From memory, it was a younger, slightly sweeter fragrance compared to the original Trésor.

In comparison with the original Trésor and In Love, Midnight Rose is definitely my favorite scent out of the lot. It’s slated as the ‘seductive edition’, where ‘love at first sight happens’.

Let’s talk about the scent – it retains a rose heart note, balanced out with an almost bubble-gummy sweetness of blackcurrants and raspberry topnotes. I spritzed on a bit before work and I can still smell the blackberry topnote with a little vanilla musk. What keeps Midnight Rose from becoming too cloyingly sweet is the woody Virginia cedar essence. It truly evokes a sense of playfulness, flirtatiousness and spontaneity. It’s the kind of perfume you spritz at strategic pulse points – your neck and wrists should be enough – and it lasts for a good portion of the day.

This is more of a night scent for me – my personal preference is to have something a bit more neutral, like the original Marc Jacobs for women, and Midnight Rose is a let’s-go-out scent for me. This is a bit of a surprise because I normally associate ‘pink’ or sweeter scents with the day, and night scents are stronger with deeper musk notes. Midnight is definitely has strong rose notes and the lighter fruity notes hold almost equal strength to the heart notes.

Now, onto the packaging.

The satin rose is nothing new – we’ve seen the black one on In Love. You can remove the satin rose if it bothers you and keep it aside. For me, it adds a nice touch to an otherwise ordinary perfume bottle. The overall color scheme used stays true to the Midnight Rose theme – pink gradient leading to deep purple.

The Midnight Rose campaign is fronted by Emma Watson, and you can view the ad campaign here. This is a nice scent to get; something of a change from the usual mature-ish perfumes that you use for night. It’s light, flirty and not overly sweet. A 50ml bottle retails for RM205; 75ml (pictured above) retails for RM265.

Disclaimer: This was provided to us for product consideration. We were not influenced in any way whatsoever and this review purely reflects our own observations and thoughts about this product.


6 thoughts on “Review: Trésor Midnight Rose from Lancôme

  1. i love rose scented things, my fav has always been Chloe EDP, probably a scent I wear the most, other than DKNY Red Delicious. Midnight Rose might sound like the night version of Chloe, maybe when I get my first paycheck, I should go take a peek 😛

    thanks for the review and the enabling!

      • i remember it being fresh & sweet, roses, lychees and honey. perfect for a happy sunny day and it doesn’t get cloyingly sweet. actually I think Chloe should really release a night Chloe, i find most of their scents more for daytime usage!

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