Happy 2012! I have been AWOL but am now back again 🙂 Here’s my first 2012 review on Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara.

I remembered seeing the ad for this via the Interwebs and found it rather cute, albeit a little weird. Cue buxom chick with obviously fake implants, hooked up to a lie detector test and gazing at you with luscious lashes. Yes, I geddit, you can have fake boobies but your lashes are obviously real, right? Something to that effect?

Anyway that’s not the point. The point is, is this mascara worth your $$$?

Benefit’s They’re Real! is the first mascara I’ve ever purchased. All my mascaras are GWPs and I have heaps of these tiny tubes so I don’t bother buying mascara. But I really felt suckered into getting this because of all the promises and great reviews. Take a gander:

Number psychology is a powerful tool. Put numbers and percentages on your product packaging and voila! You’ll get believers.

The numbers on the box say:

  • 94% saw dramatic length and volume
  • 90% saw base-to-tip curl
  • 94% saw visible lift
  • 100% saw long-wearing results

My camera was refusing to macro focus so I took a picture of the wand on the box instead. Google search will show you the wand as well. When I first took it out I was like “WOAH mass weapon of destruction”. The wand is spiky with a mace-like tip (no kidding on the mace. It really is a spiky ball tip) and it took me a while to like it because the spikes kept poking my lash lines. The easiest way for me to review this is to look back at Benefit’s stats and compare my experiences against their 90+%.

  • Did I see dramatic length and volume? Length yes, but not volume. When I see the word dramatic, I really want va-va-voom gloopy volume. My lashes were lengthened considerably but the voluminizing effect wasn’t as dramatic as I hoped it would be. No juicy fat thick lashes here, just slightly fuller.
  • Base to tip curl? Not really. But the formula definitely curled better than my other mascaras.
  • Visible lift? Kinda? It wasn’t spectacular. But when I curled my lashes, I got better lift and curl with this mascara compared to other brands that I’m currently using.
  • Long-wearing? Definitely.
  • Other comments: The formula is just right for layering. I put on about 4 layers for kicks and there was barely any clumping.

I bought this online via a group spree at USD22.00, which is roughly RM68.20 at the current exchange rate. Definitely cheaper than purchasing at the counters.

I think Benefit got the formula right for this mascara – barely any clumping, quick-drying and it stayed on my lashes rather than straying to my lids (my mascara does that sometimes). The wand did separate out my lashes much better than the traditional wands we have but it will take some time to get used to such a giant spike of a wand. As we are in Malaysia, RM68.20 can be considered a good buy for a so-called ‘higher-end’ brand so I’m a little on the fence on whether it’s worth your money. If you’re spending more than that on your mascaras, then I say yes, go for the Benefit They’re Real online purchase. OTC purchases are around RM80+ or so and I think that’s unreasonable. If you have a drugstore brand that you’re very happy with then stick to it because you’re probably not missing out a lot.

Of course my opinions would be different if we had it here at RM22 (like the US) or even RM50. It would be something I wouldn’t mind getting. But as with all purchases, one must exercise some caution and not overly spend :).


13 thoughts on “Review: Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

  1. considering for what you have paid for online, it doesn’t sound too bad. perhaps it helps if you attach a picture of you wearing the mascara 😀 then we can see the result!

  2. Awww, boo that it doesn’t volumise. My lashes are relatively long but so blaardy sparse, so I usually prefer mascaras that make my lashes look fat (not clumpy, mind you). This is why I haven’t done many mascara reviews 😦

    • Yeah. There should be a great voluminizing/volumizing (I have no idea how to spell) mascara out there. Just need to find it 😦

  3. Spot on review! What you said here was my exact thoughts when I was writing my review too! You are right about that 4 coats. It lengthens my lashes really well, but it doesn’t volumise much. Does best at separating my lashes. The one thing I don’t like is the spiky wand. It really pokes!

  4. I wondered about this mascara. I don’t really like those rubbery wands because the spikes are usually too small to separate lashes properly, but this one is different. However, I need volume, rather than length. I have long lashes, but not very many of them, so I need a mascara that will thicken and give the illusion of more lashes. Shame.

    • Hi Olgie, Happy New Year! This one thickens but it’s like the normal mascara thickening thing as opposed to the amazing 90+% results that they’re showing. You know how mascaras claim to thicken but it just looks clumpy? This one doesn’t clump per se but I think my expectations were set too high when they said 90+% saw amazing volume.

    • Happy New Year Jamilla! I reckon if it’s cheap-ish where you are, it’s an OK buy. Just that in Malaysia, an over the counter purchase seems too much 😦

  5. If you’re looking for volume you can try their Bad Gal lash. I believe you have the mini one in your Xmas gift stash 🙂 I like that one a lot but the curl doesn’t last so long… then again, I’m awfully picky when it comes to curls…

    • Yes you are absolutely right about that Xmas gift stash ;). Will try it once I run out of mascaras. I have 5 tubes open now!

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