Beauty comes in many forms, and we are inspired by it all. Whether it’s the face of an attractive person, to the smiles on your loved ones’ faces, the pride, joy and love you have for your friends and family, or thought-provoking pieces of art, BEAUTY is everywhere. Us at belle demoiselle are inspired by BEAUTY in all forms, and today we’d like to share with you blogs that epitomize the BEAUTY of life.

SdeV of sdevarax is an Arts/Law graduate, digital artist and a photographer-model with a keen eye on the finer details. Her work spans different forms, from traditional portrait/editorial photography to digital mediums. Visit her website for her extensive portfolio, which includes beautiful, evocative editorial pieces and amazing conceptual portraiture. Our favorites include Castle in the Sky and Beauty I+II. It’s one thing to have beautiful models to work with – it’s another to have a talented choreographer behind the lens, capturing the exact mood and feel of the creative concept. If you’re a budding photographer or model, please check her out for her inspiring work. Her work has been published in traditional and online fashion publications.  SdeV is also a contributor to belle demoiselle.

Oh I see Red!, aka red | hongyi is an architect, but don’t mistake her for being a four-walls-and-one-roof type of girl. Her repertoire of creative pieces is astounding, from a portrait of Ai Weiwei completely made out of sunflower seeds to personal comics (see what we mean by astounding? From something grand to something down-to-earth :)). She also does a lot of public artwork, an initiative rarely seen in our Asian culture. For that, we say kudos to red | hongyi, and thank you for bringing the whimsical back into life.

Life’s beauty wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite topic: food. Bea from La Tartine Gourmande is a French expat and proud mum-of-one. Her breathtaking food photography, French and international recipes, and beautifully interwoven stories on her life musings, family and food never fail to bring a smile to our faces. There’s a reason why this beautiful lady has won numerous awards and laudings, and scored her own cookbook! Through her writing and photography, Bea teaches us to appreciate the small and big moments in life, be thankful for all that you have and carry a smile wherever you go.

This particular blog is a favorite secret of mine – but I’ll happily share it with you today. The mysterious Luxirare is a Korean/American designer with a penchant for runway-worthy exclusively made merchandise and food elevated to an art form. I can never tire of her food posts – they are AMAZING. I’ve never seen any food blogger do what she does, and no words can describe what she does. Search our her parfait yoghurt and edible crayon entries, which are amongst my favorites. My ultimate favorite is her take on the humble Bloody Mary. Sleuth around the Net you can, but her identity remains a closely-guarded secret. Check her out and have your breath taken away.

For those of you who love cute – let me introduce you to My Milk Toof. Again a creation of a Korean/American blogger (Koreans are amazing, I tell you), this blog chronicles the adventures of Ickle and Lardee, two milk teeth, around the house, a forest and outside. The storylines are heartwarming, and the effort put in by Inhae (the creator) is astounding. From handmade Ickle and Lardee models to great photography, you’ll be wanting to know what goes on in these two cute milk teeth’s lives.

That’s all for now everyone. We hope you enjoy this installment :). Much love from dom and ksuan.



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