Dear readers,

I know she will probably grimace when she finds out I’ve written and published this post in her honour, but here goes anyway –

Please join me in a rousing chorus of HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMNCROXD! 🙂 

I am very grateful to count myself as one of dom’s longtime friends. We met as 13-year-olds as classmates in a Malaysian public secondary school and have gotten along like a house on fire ever since. After that one year as classmates and friends, she and her family moved to Indonesia and then Singapore, where she completed high school. Meanwhile, I remained in Malaysia for a few years and then moved along to the US and Australia to finish my secondary education.

Serendipity, fortuitousness, no matter what we elect to call it, a rose by any other name smells just as sweet – we ended up attending the same university in Australia upon graduation from high school. Again, more fortuitousness meant that we ended up living quite literally next door to one another.

Ever since, life has taken her from Australia back to Kuala Lumpur, while it has taken me from Australia to Paris, back to Australia and then now to Singapore. However, we have remained fast friends, supported one another through many a tribulation, and accumulated a large number of embarrassing private jokes over the course of time.

It seems odd that we came across a shared love for beauty and well-being long after graduating from university together, but we figured there was no time like the present to consolidate our mutual passion; thus, the birth of belle demoiselle. From the nascent days of this blog, dom has shown herself to be a trusted collaborator, partner and friend, and I can’t imagine running this show with anyone else.

Thank you dom, for your friendship, your partnership, your loyalty and your love! 🙂 And thank you, readers, for sharing in our love for beautiful things. We couldn’t run this blog without you!

– ksuan


17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday domncroxd!

  1. WAAAH 🙂 *tears* – ksuan, you have officially brought the first birthday tear to my eye. Love ya heaps and thank you so much for being there especially during the tough times. You’re the best!!

    • Most welcome (for the nth time today) babe. 🙂 I maintain that we are fortunate to have one another! Eleven years and counting. Who’d have thunk it!

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