Hi everyone! Welcome to Blogs We Read, Volume 5 – with more blogs for you to check out, you’ll be forever inspired with heaps of ideas (and never run out of reading material!). I think today’s post is about international Asian girl power: check it out!First shout-out goes to Jamilla of Makeup for Professional Asian Women. If you haven’t read her blog yet, you’re missing out! Jamilla calls her blog Makeup for Professional Asian Women and for good reason: you’ll find heaps of work-friendly looks that go beyond just the normal nudes. Thank goodness for her blog! Jamilla really has filled a niche in the blogosphere. If you’re like myself and ksuan, relative freshies in the workforce, this is the blog for you to go to. Don’t worry – being a professional Asian woman doesn’t mean you have to look boring. Jamilla shows you how she uses shimmers, purples, and even smoky greens that you can wear for work and look polished and professional every day.

Next up, Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog. She reviews almost everything the makeup and skincare world has to offer and her personality shines through with her blog entries. Her blog and writing style show how you can be as informative as possible with amazing photos AND without sounding like a Wikipedia. What makes Karen’s blog stand out from the rest is her guest posts – she gets amazing writers and bloggers to write their own entries in her blog. Kinda shows you how big she is in the beauty blogosphere 😉 So read her if you haven’t – full of great tips, awesome reviews and new products that we *sigh* wish we could get in our part of the world.

For the next blog, I kinda have a bit of a girl crush on her – can’t help it! She’s so pretty! It’s none other than Jen from From Head to Toe. She has really great videos of how-tos, her monthly hits and misses, and stays true to her Korean roots – her videos show you how to look like Korean popstars too. Well-edited photos + videos + tutorials = big win on our part.

That’s about it for now 🙂 Happy Thursday! Imma be super busy today, and I’m off on holidays on Sat till the 26th, so may not be updating for a while.

Happy reading everyone!

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