Holiday season = glitters galore, especially for nails. It’s a trend that never fails to materialize every.single.Christmas. I love glitters though, but what I don’t like is the removal. Remember my Deborah Lippmann ‘Across the Universe‘ polish? Loooovvvvveeeee ittttt toooo biiitttsss…but the first time I tried to remove it, it was enough to make me shriek in frustration.

Why? Because normal methods of swiping remover resulted in this:


Honestly, it’s the last thing you want when you’ve got work the next day. I’m a corporate rat so having glitter flecks is not a look I want to go for.

After a good 5 minutes of staring at my finger dumbly, I hopped onto Google and discovered this amazing method to remove glitter polishes. It’s called the foil method because you need aluminum/kitchen foil to make this work.

Tools you’ll need: A pair of scissors, cotton pads and a sheet of foil. Oh, and remover – any will do, no need to go for pure acetone and what not.

First, cut the cotton pads into two. You save more cotton pads and pennies along the way. One half is enough to cover the whole of your nail bed. If you want to skimp more, you could probably cut it into quarters…but that’s totally up to you. As long as it’s enough to cover the whole of your nail. Cut the foil into size as well – you want it to be big enough to wrap around your fingertip, like a thimble.

Next, soak your cotton pad with remover. Then place it on your offending glittered nail.

Third step: Wrap your whole fingertip with the foil. Why? Because the foil helps to keep the cotton pad in place. You want the remover to soak through the glitter.

Do one hand at a time. You can try to do both hands…but it’s practically near impossible because foiled fingertips are only useful for getting HBO.

Finally, after 5 minutes is up, squeeze the foiled part of your finger and move it around as though you’re removing the nail polish (without the foil). It’s kinda like making sure every bit of polish has adhered to the remover before you pull off the foil. The results?

Nothing short of miraculous!

OK – now go and wear your glitter polishes with peace of mind. And then come back here in case you forget how to do the foil method πŸ˜‰


11 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: Removing Glitter Polish

    • LOL. I pass the time by watching anime online, so it was OK. I was dumbstruck for 5 minutes…luckily for me I didn’t panic overly and start scampering around in a mess. Rubbing frantically does not work at all. Those glitters STICK like they’ve grown tentacles deep into your nail.

  1. eeep! you watch animes too? usually i just run through with polish remover a few times and glitters come out. but like Kahani, usually I just swear non stop till I get rid of everything πŸ˜›

    • love animes. I watch too much Bleach – it’s saying something since I’ve been watching since ep 1 until now. EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. but believe you me, the DL Across the Universe is not something you can remove by using remover a few times. I tried 😦

  2. thanks for the tips! helped a lot when I was trying to get the OPI Muppets glitter polish off – I swear I must’ve rubbed off half a nail before I remembered your post! >.<

  3. For my glitter lacquers, especially with this DL one, I bought a 1litre bottle of 100% acetone from the local DIY store, used the foil method, and everything came out so easily. I do this with shellacked nails as well. Dries th cuticles out like a biyatch though, so have to use lots of cuticle oil and hand cream after ths πŸ˜›

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