Can you believe I waited for this for two whole months, only to have it go missing in transit? Luckily for me KissandMakeupNY sent me a new one for free.

I’ve been lemming for this for a very long time after seeing swatches on other websites. I’ll provide the links below because my photo quality leaves much to be desired.

“Across the Universe” is a beautiful nail polish that has a dark navy, almost midnight blue jelly base, with tiny blue glitters and a mixture of  larger blue and teal hexagonal glitters. All the swatches I saw made me fall in love with how the glitters were suspended against that dark jelly base, and it looked absolutely divine – I reckon this is the most literal representation of “Across the Universe” I’ve seen. Imagine racing across the universe, glimmers of star dust flowing through your outstretched fingers and shooting stars flying past you? It’s kinda like that, but blue and teal instead of white, silver and black.

In order to achieve the sort of color I saw on the swatches, I had to use at least three coats. The pictures below show three coats, but I reckon with a fourth coat it would’ve looked much better. Each coat must dry; otherwise, you’ll drag all the glitter out of place.

Here’s how the first coat looks like:

Now the second coat:

And finally the third coat:

Under flash it still looks opaque-ish but under normal light, it’s a beautiful dark blue color that isn’t too gothic, and the glitters are perfectly sized so it’s still a polish you can wear for work (I am!). It’s not what I’d call a teenager glitter type of polish – there’s no way you can find something of this quality in your bargain bins or drugstore polishes. The application was rather smooth but I reckon for USD18.00, it is in quite a small bottle, and purportedly very expensive by US standards (KissandmakeupNY charge the retail price + shipping). Without flash, it looks like this:

Despite the hefty price, I think it is worth the money and I would definitely repurchase this. Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are well-known for being the luxurious type of polish, costing heaps more than brands like OPI. From my scouring around the interwebs, it seems that DL polishes are well-known for the glitter as well as the quality. Another thing which is big in the US but not in Asia are the actual formulation of the polishes. DL is 3-free,  meaning it’s free of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene. These are toxic chemicals, and to know more, please read All Lacquered Up’s post here. Application was a breeze, though waiting for each coat to dry was a bit of a bore, so I did my nails in front of the TV. You don’t have to wear this in three coats – if you have a blue base, you can layer this on top.

Wear was pretty good, with me experiencing minor tip wear in the third day. However, removing this is a pain. I recommend using the foil wrap method, which I’ll share with you when I remove this eventually.

To check out more swatches and reviews, please visit All Lacquered Up and Beautyholics Anonymous.

14 thoughts on “Review: Deborah Lippmann ‘Across the Universe’ Nail Polish

  1. This is such a beautiful lacquer, and it looks great on you. It is a pain to remove, and I should have done the foil method rather than scraping the darn foil bits off with an orange stick. I inadvertently created mini craters on my nails 😦

    • Thanks Tine! I also created mini craters on my thumb when I first tried removing it…then I started Googling how to remove glitter polishes because I was panicking – I had work the next day!! The foil method works like a charm 🙂

    • Thanks Xin! Yes, do get it and let me know when you’re getting it because I’d love to try the other DL polishes too 🙂 I’m thinking the Lady Gaga Bad Romance-inspired one, the black with pink glitter.

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