Welcome to another installation of Blogs We Read! We’re diversifying now, mixing in the blogs we’ve read from way back to blogs that we’ve recently discovered! Also, you’ve probably noticed that we don’t have a specific format for Blogs We Read. Most importantly, we just want to share why we love these blogs and where you can find them! Have you seen the following blogs yet?

Make-Up Tips and Tricks

Look no further than Bun Bun Makeup Tips and Makeup & things by olgie. Bun Bun is kinda more technical, like a makeup artist pro, whereas Olgie focuses on heaps of eye makeup. I remember the first time I found Olgie’s blog and was drawn in by how she used pigments.

Also – who can ever miss out Lisa Eldridge and Kandee Johnson? Lisa is, in our humble opinion, THE makeup guru, with amazing technique and tips to help out both newbies and not-so-newbies alike. Her cred’s upped by the fact that she’s served so many A-list celebrities. What we like about Lisa is her clear instructions on exactly every product and tool she uses, and her brush set gives us the greens…we would love to have a SUQQU brush too! Kandee is also a makeup artist and a truly inspirational character – she juggles 4 kids and puts in so much effort to do her videos. Watch one of her videos and you’ll never fail to smile – she’s chirpy and oozing with positiveness.

Skin Care and Wellness

We like Viva Woman, a Singapore-based blog that has tonnes of organic goodness. This is a great place to go to when you’re sourcing for organic skincare and wellness products, as well as makeup. She gives really helpful tips on DIY beauty and we like how she’s made organic skincare seem so much more accessible to readers. Great reviews and photography make for an easy, in-depth read, so do check it out.


Have you seen AskMeWhats yet? Make no mistake, this power lady writes about everything under the sun, from lifestyle to skincare, but has a passion for makeup and of course, nails! Her nail tutorials are one of the best I’ve seen and I’ve attempted the marble art one to some degree of success…which reminds me, I should try that again. AMW is based in the Philippines.

That’s about it folks! Enjoy this installment and we’ll write another soon 🙂


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