The first time I got my Naked palette, I was over the moon. Ran down to Sephora about 6 times to haul palettes for the rest of my friends too.

And then OY! I discovered, much to my chagrin, that I didn’t know how to use neutrals. I ended up with muddied up colors and less-than-stellar pigmentation. That quickie preliminary review can be found here.

Connie of SkinDeco came to my rescue – about a week or so after my review was posted up, she kindly let me swatch her palette to see if the color payoff was similar, and gave me tips on how to use neutral colors. So after months of use, here’s my second OY!

I like it very muchly. I even got the brush to work on me! Granted, the brush provided is a bit of a crapazoola but I use it to line my eyes with or deepen my creaseline. See…this is what happens after a few uses, and after friends teach you how to use neutral colors, and after you watch Youtube tutorials. Oh, and after you use primers.

So here’s me going, “YES I WANT THE NAKED PALETTE 2!!!”

What Naked Palette 2 you ask? Look up there!  The Naked Palette 2 is akin to how Gizmodo and the rest of the tech world treated every new iPhone release: “The next one has these specs”; “It comes in these colors!”; “It looks like this!!!!!!!”.

Here’s another link for you to go and see for yourself. Credit link and picture from Pinch of Pretty. I only have one gripe – why is Half-Baked in UD Naked 2?

How’s it? I’m hauling this IF this is the actual palette…are you?


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