Look what came bouncing out of the belle archives today!

Yep, It’s the famous BeautyBlender that’s got the makeup world raving. Some say it’s the SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING (OK not really) – rather, it’s the solution to cumbersome fingers and brushes. “But I can use another regular sponge…right?” you ask. Well, reviews are saying that this is THE ultimate finger/brush/sponge replacement. Did we feel the same here at belle?

OK let’s cut to the chase. Imma whip out the trusty pros and cons list which has not seen the light of day for the longest time.


  • Keeps its shape even after numerous washes
  • Lives up to the hype – smoother, flawless application that rivals stippling. It’s really smoooooth.
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic – probably the last word I would’ve used for anything beauty-related, but it fits comfortably in my hand and its pointed edge is just smooth and tapered enough to get under my eyes, in the nose corners and around my mouth. The pointed edge (corner?) is great for concealing as well; no need for concealers, just dab on more liquid foundie and set with powder, and you’re done!
  • You CANNOT deny how fun it is to see the egg-shaped sponge double in size when you dampen it
  • Great when you have thick foundation. I’m thinking Double Wear and Double Wear Light by Estee Lauder, MUFE’s foundations and Clinique’s Supermoisture foundations. That being said, any liquid foundie can be blended and applied by this baby


  • Bleeds the first few washes
  • Soaks up more foundation than needed
  • A tad bit hard to clean – be careful because it can tear if you’re too rough!


  • Because it soaks up more foundation, my method of application is different compared to when I stipple. With stippling, I can put an amount of foundie on the back of my hand to warm it up, and then dip my duofiber brush and stipple away. With the BeautyBlender, I place the foundie directly on my face and stipple away.
  • Instructions tell you to dampen the BeautyBlender, squeeze out the excess water, and then use it to blend or ‘bounce’ foundation onto your skin. Follow that advice!
  • You can probably use it for powder foundations, but for compact foundies, not loose powder.
  • Wash it as soon as possible! This thing is hard to wash. You can use the cleanser (sold separately or together, as seen above). If you leave it to soak up the foundation, you’re going to regret it because washing is a pain.
  • Be gentle while washing it. It can tear! I normally wet the sponge, put the cleanser on, roll it between my palms gently, wet it again and squeeze it to create a lather.
  • Use the drying stand they provide. And make sure you don’t lift it up to remove it! Instructions say to reach below the stand, and pull out the sponge from the bottom. That way you won’t tear it.

Long story short – should you get this? For me it’s a yes, especially for travel. That way you don’t have to worry about packing so many different brushes and concealer. For me, this plus my foundie, plus a setting powder and brush for setting powder are all you need. However do take care of it and it’ll last you more than the 6 or so months it’s supposed to last for. It blends like a dream and doesn’t create harsh dots the way stippling does (not saying that stippling is horrible! I still stipple occasionally).

I have compared this against Sephora’s yellow egg and I don’t think it’s a good dupe for the BeautyBlender. I felt like it didn’t blend as well for me, and oddly enough it was even harder to clean. Not sure if it soaked up more foundation than the BB though.

You can get this at Serendipity at a very affordable RM77 for one sponge, RM132 for the cleanser and sponge set, RM107 for the double sponge set and RM75 for the cleanser. Oh…here’s a picture of the cleanser:

Love the cap – you can place your sponge on the applicator, depress it and the liquid comes out! I’m going to repurpose this packaging when it’s done. It’s apparently got a lavender smell, but I can’t really tell, and it’s also good for cleaning brushes.


4 thoughts on “Review: The BeautyBlender

    • yeah!!! that was what i was thinking about but i couldn’t put my finger on it. better wash soon 🙂 i didn’t wash mine for about two weeks. my present? standing in front of the sink for a good 10 minutes, squeezing, lathering, squeezing, lathering. sigh.

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