Eyes are the window to the soul, so says the old truism. And who’s to dispute that?

Certainly not the hordes of artists who have waxed lyrical about the captivating, telling quality of eyes. Everyone from The Eagles, Van Morrison (this is for all you brown-eyed beauties out there :)), Eric Carmen (anyone love the final Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey scene from Dirty Dancing as much as I do?), Babyface and the Jonas Brothers have sung songs referring to/about eyes.

Having heard more than enough from musicians about why they appreciate eyes, we at belle demoiselle would like to ask you, our wonderful readers, for your thoughts on what makes beautiful eyes. 

Is there a makeup product you swear by that makes your eyes appear bigger, brighter, more defined? Maybe it’s that brilliant undereye concealer you swear by, or an eyeliner that you can’t live without. Maybe it’s the perfect, versatile eyeshadow palette that can take you from a subtle to smoky look in minutes. Maybe it’s a mascara that resides in your purse at all times, you love it and rely on it that much.

Is there a skincare product that helps care for the delicate skin around your eyes? Do you swear by a certain eye cream? Have you tried those undereye roller-ball pens, and do they work for you? Have you discovered a miracle eye makeup remover that doesn’t require vicious rubbing or cause eyelash shedding?

Is it all about framing? Does a HG eyebrow pencil exist, or do you prefer filling in your brows with shadow? Which eyebrow shaping method do you subscribe to – threading, plucking, waxing?

What do you do on a day where your eyes are puffy, sore and itchy? Is there a home remedy for puffy eyes that we have yet to discover? Do you use a certain brand of eyedrop? Do you just pop an antihistamine and wait for the itching and watering to subside?

Let us know, we love hearing from you! Tell us what you love, what you hate, what has instigated a negative skin reaction (very important) and what eye-related product/s you’d like to see us review next. Your feedback and comments will help point us in the direction of better, more comprehensive reviews! 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend ladies, and thanks for all the support thus far, it has been immeasurable and means so very much to us both.

Much love,

dom and ksuan xx


9 thoughts on “Talk to Us: What Makes Beautiful Eyes?

  1. Last night I was using the Bio oil for the first time and I rubbed it on my entire face (an eyes too cuz I was caught in the moment and that’s what I usually do with my night cream) and as soon as I finished I remembered and I was waiting for the excruciating (is it spelled like that? O_o) pain and all that, but nothing… Cool huh? Well maybe it might hurt for someone else so don’t try doing that because I said that, everyone reacts differently to different ingredients. Anyway, that was just to say that the bio oil didn’t burn my eyes while I thought it would. I also rubbed my entire face with some aloe vera juice (I have a plant so I just took the leaf and drained it and put the juice on my face) and that did sting my eyes, a lot. So I guess all natural doesn’t mean no stinging. Ok that’s it. Hope this helps someone out there.

    • Hi Sonam, thanks for your comments. I’ve used Bio Oil before but not on my whole face. Glad to know that it worked for you and it didn’t burn your eyes :). I guess it’s a good night oil to have (since I have oily skin, I don’t use this in the daytime). Aloe is something new to us, but it’s definitely an interesting ingredient to use. Traditionally we use it for fresh wounds that are small – burns, blisters, cuts, the like.

  2. Re: puffy, itchy eyes

    I learned this trick from my dermatologist – to soak cotton pads in saline solution and place on eyes for about 5 mins. Relieves the redness, itching and puffiness somewhat. 🙂

  3. You know… not to be racist here but my Face Reading class taught me that people with puffy upper eyelids (Most prominent in Japanese eyes)… tend to be more… well, experimental when it comes to bedroom activities 😛 (Or to put it bluntyly, kinkier).

    I have some very fine lines at the corner of my eyes, but it’s getting better with my Clarins eye gel (In the morning) and eye balm (At night). I guess it comes with age 😦 I also tend to have some dark undereye circles but they’re pretty intermittent. I don’t know but my Face Reading class also tells me that you can have all the rest in the world but you’ll still get dark eye circles- it’s mainly either due to a) lack of *ahemahem* (Seriously, or rather being unsatisfied in that area), b) worrying about one’s child/children (If they have it) or c) having low “spirit level”.

    As for eye makeup, I’m STILL a total newbie at applying eyeshadow (Can’t seem to work it without looking like I got punched in the eye), not to mention that one of my eyes has a slightly deeper crease than the other. Though I LOVE eyeliner 😀 I almost always have eyeliner on. Sometimes I’ll fully line them, even the bottom, or sometimes if I’m feeling lazy just half the bottom.

    • Hi Stephanie, thank you for dropping by :). Very interesting insight – I guess those with puffy eyelids have something to look forward to haha. I guess you could also say that if you’re creative in the bedroom, you could also be creative out of the bedroom.

      Glad to hear that your Clarins eye gel is working for you – which one are you using? I think dark eye circles can also be constitutional. My ex-colleague said she’s had them since she was a young child so it’s just something ‘in’ you.

      Eyeliner is always a great way to quickly brighten up your look, so if that’s your favorite then stick with what works 🙂

      • Hey Dom 😀 Hahaha yeah, I couldn’t resist sharing it with people I meet, it makes for some pretty interesting conversations sometimes. But normally I don’t go around telling people what their facial features mean unless they ask, though since we’re on the topic of eyes… 😛

        It’s the Clarins Eye Contour Gel 🙂 I’m on my second tube now (One tube lasts quite a while apparently) and the other one is the Eye Contour Balm. True true, some of dark eye circles can be genetic in nature.

        Yeap, it definitely is my favourite- I have to at least have a dash of eyeliner on my lids even when I pop out for a while hahaha 😀

  4. I line my eyes, following the bottom lash line upwards, instead of creating my own winged tip.

    I think there is a HG brow pencil. I use Pupa. I’ve never tried filling in my brow with e/s before though. Really a very scary thought to do that… … (for me, that is).

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