At the end of September, I fortuitously won a lovely box of Fresh products thanks to Sephora Singapore. After a month and a bit of consistent use, I finally feel that I can write a proper review of the first skincare product I pulled out of the box: the Fresh Rose Face Mask.

Here’s what the good folks at Fresh have to say about what has become one of their cult favourite products:

ROSE FACE MASK is a supremely luxurious, super-hydrating treatment that immediately transforms dull, lackluster complexions. The silky gel formula is infused with real roses that nourish and tone skin and create a smooth, irresistible, petal-soft texture. Its gentle blend of ultra-soothing ingredients reduces the appearance of redness and irritation while rejuvenating the senses.

– Unique formulation includes real rose petals that melt into skin to hydrate and protect
– Reduces redness and immediately calms inflammation
– Rose scent relaxes and refreshes
– Suitable for all skin types

Key ingredients:
50% pure rose floral water helps diminish redness and create an even skintone
Anti-inflammatory cucumber extract and aloe-vera gel cool and refresh
Our exclusive porphyridium cruentum, a smart marine algae, delivers moisture exactly where skin needs it most

And here is my take 🙂

Formula: The mask itself is a consistent, clear brown gel with flakes of rose petal suspended within. So it’s not the most attractive mask you’ve ever slathered on your face, but it is chock full of natural goodness and you can tell. I am a huge fan of the aloe vera + cucumber combination that this mask contains – love the dual delivery of moisture and freshness. The rose petal flakes are a nice touch, but they do not “melt into skin” and I’m not entirely sure what purpose they serve if not purely aesthetic or to prove the authenticity of the mask’s rose-attributed moniker. No matter though, small glitch in the program. I will also admit slight skepticism of the “smart” algae’s role in helping deliver hydration, but I am happy to glaze over that because this mask works consistently and well.

Scent: Two main notes: roses and cucumber. Delicious, clean, fresh and relaxing. I always feel like I’m treating myself when I have this mask on my face.

Packaging: This is undoubtedly one of my favourite attributes of this mask, as superficial as it may sound. Fresh masks, unlike many other masks that come in tubes or plastic jars, come in extra-sturdy, weighty, completely opaque white glass jar designed to keep light out and to seal freshness in. Admittedly, it’s not terribly hygienic to scoop your mask out with your fingers with every use, so either wash your hands with antibacterial soap beforehand and don’t double-dip your fingers, or simply use a spatula 🙂

Sensation: Upon application, my skin tingled. I don’t know if this experience is true of all Rose Face Mask users, but my skin tingled and buzzed madly for the first few minutes. It immediately cools and calms the skin surface, as gel masks are wont to do, and over time, the mask dries out a little bit, creating a slightly filmy effect. However, this mask does not dry out completely, so don’t leave it on your face for ages expecting it to do so!

Performance: I generally leave this mask on for about ten to fifteen minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. A quick note, you can use cold water if you’d like but I find that it’s a little tougher to get the mask off that way. My skin seems to really enjoy this mask, as it feels much more hydrated and very soothed afterward. It helps calm redness, too. Allergic reaction-wise this mask has done perfectly fine, too. No breakouts, no comedones, no bumps, no itching or splotches after a few weeks of use.

Pour conclure, if what you seek is a versatile daily-use mask that will pamper your senses and rejuvenate your skin, look no further. I wouldn’t say my skin has improved by leaps and bounds all thanks to this product, but I do love using it several times a week as it helps to keep my skin feeling healthy, comfortable and hydrated. Fresh has done a great job with this product, and I am a firm fan. I’m looking forward to trying their Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask next!

A 100ml jar of Fresh Rose Face Mask retails at SGD 85.00 at Sephora outlets throughout Singapore. It also sells for USD 55.00 at Sephora outlets across the United States. I’ve been using this mask about four times a week for about five weeks, and I still have a good seven-eighths of a jar remaining, so don’t let what seems like a hefty price tag fool you!


6 thoughts on “Review: Fresh Rose Face Mask

    • Hi Nicole, thank you for dropping by. And yes, the overall packaging and ingredients list are impressive, aren’t they? 🙂

    • Thanks milktea! Unfortunately it’ll have to wait for a bit, I’m away for two weeks starting tomorrow. Will be up soon, promise!

    • Hi Andrea, perhaps your skin is allergic to one of the ingredients in the mask. May be worth checking the ingredient list! Hope you find a mask that suits your skin better.

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