I normally shy away from Groupon/online bulk deal beauty vouchers, but when my colleague alerted me to the StrawberryNET Groupon deal, I immediately snapped one up. It was a good deal – pay RM30 for a RM60 StrawberryNET online voucher. My only problem is…what am I supposed to get? I don’t need anymore serums, I buy my three-step regime from the pharmacy, there were no enticing SN deals going on…

And then I remembered that I’ve always wanted to try the Kose Medicated Seikisho Whitening Mask, which retails for RM85.00 for a mere 75ml.

I LOVE peel-off masks – it’s so satisfying to let the mask dry and then peel it off to reveal brighter skin. The Kose mask is well known for peeling off in one piece, which means less clean-up or rubbing is needed to clean up your skin. Musings of a Muse reported that it is the best thing in the world for clogged pores, and is so strong; she nearly lost part of her eyebrow! With that kind of review, I was sold and immediately bought it.

The Kose mask is a pure black liquid mask that you spread across your face (avoiding the eye area). It’s quite thick, but easily spreadable and dries really quickly. My first two tries were a bit of a fail – 75ml isn’t much and I found myself squeezing a fair bit to get that all-over solid black mask look, and parts were patchy and I had to wait for the thicker parts to dry longer. If you spread it out too thin, it dries too quickly and you don’t get as much of a brightening effect, plus it hurts a lot more. So finally on my third try, I had figured out how to achieve pretty equal spread-age and the mask wasn’t too thick, so when I pulled it off, it really did peel in one piece and my skin was…

LOVELY. Haha, I think you can tell that I’m pretty psyched with this product. I’m not into whitening products, but this Kose Medicated Seikisho Whitening Mask brightened my skin and brought out an amazing glow. My skin’s pretty dull because it’s oily and I have a lot of pigmentation from old acne scars, but my skin looked visibly brighter and smoother. I had no idea how skin could ‘look’ smoother but it did. It didn’t remove my blackheads but I could squeeze them out much easier and my skin tone was evened-out. The sad part is that the effect lasts for maybe two or three days but I reckon with continuous use, my skin would look better. I tried it on parts where I had pimples and it dried the zits out perfectly.

However, this mask is a little on the painful side – after all, you are peeling off a super strong mask, so when I peel it off, I hold my skin taut to prevent any sagging or too much pulling. If your skin is too sensitive or prone to broken capillaries, you may want to be careful with this or skip this mask all together.

It’s a little tough for me to decide if I would repurchase, because it’s so expensive. I have tried The Face Shop’s egg peel-off mask before and while it didn’t deliver as great a result as Kose, it essentially works the same. It’s also much cheaper and temporarily tightened my pores more than the Kose one. However, if I had the budget, I definitely would call this my go-to peel-off mask. The brightening and purifying effect is amazing, and it didn’t sting my skin (some peel-off masks do that to me).

Ho-hum. It’s a tough decision. Sigh.



4 thoughts on “Review: Kose Medicated Seikisho Whitening Mask

  1. will have to put this on the list of things to try for sure… 😀 especially with fiddly fingers such as mine, I won’t be able to resist picking at it!

  2. I find that it does not whiten my skin but it’s very good at pulling out gunk (sebum, fine hairs and loose dirt!) from my *ahem* visage. Face really feels smoother after use. I also have to hold down my skin when pulling off the mask. They tell you to apply a thick layer but when that rubber is dry, it is strongly adhesive.

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