The last time I got my hair cut was February this year, a whopping nine months back. Normally, if I don’t get my hair trimmed on a regular basis, my split ends become unmanageable and my hair loses its sheen pretty rapidly.

To add insult to injury, I have extremely straight, fine hair and oily roots – a classic recipe for flat, lifeless tresses. This rather irksome set of circumstances means I am on the constant lookout for a good conditioner to keep my hair in reasonable shape, preferably one that won’t annihilate my bank balance.

I believe, ladies, that I have found that conditioner. Please meet my new friend, Himalaya Herbals Protein Conditioner – Softness and Shine, for normal hair.

Photo courtesy of store.himalayahealthcare.com

I initially picked it up because I was in dire need of a new conditioner and this was on sale at my local Watson’s. Plus, a couple of friends had raved about it, but their hair types are so different from mine that I wasn’t yet compelled to run out a purchase a bottle.

I now wish I had tried and tested this sooner, because this, ladies, is an excellent conditioner.

Here’s what Himalaya Herbals says about this conditioner:

Natural Protein Nourishment
Enriched with extracts of protein-rich herbs, our new conditioners nourishes your hair giving you the three essential benefits that your hair needs – strength, reduced hair fall and protection from everyday damage.

A gentle formulation that conditions and keeps your hair silky smooth, soft and tangle-free. Nourishes your hair with natural proteins giving it a healthy shine.

Key ingredients:

  • China Rose & Lotus: Effective natural hair and scalp conditioners.
  • Chickpea & Oat: Rich sources of natural proteins.

And here is my take on the product 🙂

Texture and Consistency: This white conditioner is quite thick, but surprisingly light when squeezed into the palm of the hand. I would call it slightly creamy, but not goopy. It spreads with ease when massaged through hair, a trait I attribute to its silicone content (there you go, girls – silicone is everywhere and in everything, you can’t escape it anymore :().

Performance: Here is where this conditioner truly shines (pardon the pun). My everyday conditioning routine is as follows: I massage a reasonable sized dollop of conditioner into wet, shampooed-and-rinsed hair from mid-lengths to tips and rinse off almost immediately after. The instructions on the bottle say to massage into hair from root to tip, but my oily scalp discourages such activity (but if you’re one of those girls blessed with a normal scalp and voluminous hair, then go for it!). After use, my hair is always perfectly tamed, smooth, shiny, sleek, and ultra-soft to the touch. A few consistent weeks of use have resulted in the significant reduction of dry and split ends. I have also noticed less hair fall from breakage since I started using this conditioner. Yes, I realise this sounds too good to be true, but experiencing is believing. I have had girlfriends randomly reach out to poke and prod at my hair post-Himalaya Herbals Protein Conditioner and marvel at how soft it is. True story.

Scent: This is where this conditioner may come off as a little offputting to those of you who aren’t into fragranced hair care products. Those of you who read belle demoiselle regularly will know that I firmly dislike heavily-scented products  for the simple reason that many negative skin reactions to products can be traced back to added fragrances. This conditioner is a reeking floral-scented explosion that can be overwhelming even to the most tolerant of olfactory systems. However, for the love of a good product, I am willing to close one eye and both nostrils. It helps that I have yet to experience any scalp irritation from using this conditioner, so I can only assume that my skin doesn’t abhor the chemicals that make this conditioner smell like a spring bouquet.

Pour conclure, I’m hooked. I am hoping and praying that this product will continue to treat my hair with respect and love for a long time to come. Good, inexpensive conditioners don’t come by often! And for its consistent performance rating, I am quite happy to dismiss the scent as a minor shortcoming of what has proven time and time again to be a really nifty conditioner.

I purchased my 400ml bottle of Himalaya Herbals Protein Conditioner at a very reasonable promotional price of SGD 6.90. However, even during non-promo periods, a bottle costs only SGD 8.90. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to run out and get it – and don’t forget to let us know what you think once you’ve given it a try!


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