Those following the local beauty blogosphere would have heard about the inaugural 2011 MyWomenStuff Readers’ Choice Awards (a.k.a MWS RCA) that happened just last Saturday, 29 October 2011. This is the first of its kind in Malaysia and after much planning, the event was a huge success! Congratulations to ParisB, the editor and writer of MyWomenStuff! More details and pics after the jump!

It was all food + coffee/tea + catching up with friends + meeting new ones + and of course, the biggest unveiling of all – who won? Did your favorite brand win it?

OK to summarize, we had a few surprises and a few “Yep, knew that was gonna win”s. Head on over to Paris’ blog post here (psst – there’s also the announcement for her October giveaway, so if you’re the winner, awesome possum and congrats! If not, keep your eyes peeled for her giveaways because her giveaways are da bomb yo).

And I apologize for the blatant picture plagiarization but I was manning the registration booth with Connie of SkinDeco fame and tweeting the winners live so photo-taking was a bit of a fail. Photos are credited to PinkElle/ParisB and Mr. PrettyBeautiful (Xin’s hubby).

Photo Credits: Chai/Xin from Prettybeautiful.net

Photo Credits: PE/ParisB from MyWomenStuff.com

And what was inside the goodie bag? I was so excited that the moment I got home, I emptied out the bag and started running around like a mad monkey, tossing all the goodies in the air…and then obviously missed out on a few things (blogger fail!!!!).

So a disclaimer – the bag was definitely fuller than this, but these were the pictures I managed to capture after recollecting my strewn-about goodies:

’twas an amazing time, with great bloggers and readers, a crazy heavy goodie bag, and generous prizes for lucky draw winners, including but not limited to goodies from Dior and Clinique (Clinique sponsored a full-sized Moisture Surge, something that EVERYONE absolutely wanted but it only went to one lucky winner). The goodie bag was filled from sponsors like Olay, L’Oreal, Esmeria, ApronBay, Himalaya Herbals, HadaLabo, Maybelline, Garnier and Sweet Contemplation Accessories (thanks again Tine for the amazing handmade necklace – it was beautifully crafted).

For the full winners list, you can search your Twitter feed for #MWSAwards, and for more coverage on this event, please visit Xin, Beetrice, Juan (our lovely MC), Lyn and of course, ParisB.

Congratulations again to Paris, and we hope that we get a MyWomenStuff RCA 2012! Aye!


9 thoughts on “The Inaugural 2011 MyWomenStuff Readers’ Choice Awards!

    • thanks Xin. only have 1 problem – need to find wordpress theme that can fit big pictures :s the collages are TOO small 😦

    • Figuratively. Although it is 100% possible that I would also literally dance around the living room couch, throw the goodies in the air, scream wildly, then going “Um…now where is that Yuan soap (which is conveniently not pictured)?”

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