Hey hey, it’s Friday! Ain’t it awesome? This week has been and is going great – ksuan has been busy planning out her next phase in life (I’ll let her tell you when the time comes, but she’s not getting married yet so no jumping guns k?) and I’ve been hoping real hard that it will be nothing short of AHMAZEENG. I managed to meet up with Connie of SkinDeco and Saturday is the My Women Stuff Readers’ Choice Awards where I’ll get to meet my blogging inspirations as well as other readers, so here’s to a great end of the week :).

On to our next volume of Blogs We Read! Again, a disclaimer (?) that this is not written in order of preference; we’re going to write this in volumes and with blogs that come to mind. Without further ado, here we go!

SoLoverly gave us the inspiration to start a blogsister kinda blog. If I’m not mistaken, this was the first blog ksuan shared with me that had a shared blogger format. This is a great blog we come to again and again because of the range of products they review, and we like how they have detailed skin profiles which differ from each other, and explain to readers what products and ingredients they find suitable for their skin types. SoLoverly is written by three ladies (Eli, Syen and Kahani) and this makes for distinct, clear writing styles. I like how they put the effort into making their posts as succinct as possible and yet with enough detail. One of their posts which I’ve recommended to many friends is the analysis on the Watsons Malaysia VIP card. Entries like these, which are well-written and substantiated with facts, are the reasons why many readers flock to reputable blogs, and SoLoverly is full of these entries.

Next up, our fellow Southern blogger, Beetrice from Beetrice’s Reviews. Bee’s writing style is clear, with accurate grammar – believe you me, half-decent grammar makes for awesome reading, but Bee has tip-top grammar which means reading is a breeze. Like all the blogs we read, this blog contains reviews that are well-written with great photos. You may ask, “Yes, but what does ‘well-written’ mean?” It means that the blog author has taken the time to research, put out his/her thoughts clearly, take good pictures or find relevant pictures to complement the entries and remain as unbiased as possible in what reacts well with his/her skin. This blog is reflective of what we mean by ‘well-written’.

Another Southern-based blogger (we mean Singapore), is Rinnah’s Consumer Views. The great thing about Rinnah’s blog is that she writes about a myriad of items, not limited to skincare and beauty. I’d tag Rinnah’s blog as a lifestyle blog with a skew on self, but ultimately her entries are an easy read with pertinent information. Perfect when I need a quick review on an item or brand – I can just quickly read and make up my mind. Again, another well-written blog :).

Now if I were ambidextrous, I’d be wishing that I could create nails like Xin from Pretty Beautiful. This blog has a lot of nail art tutorials which are carefully photographed with clear instructions on how to achieve the nail art. What I found extremely useful (besides the nail tutorials) are her tutorials for brides – Xin recently got married, and she wrote several instructional posts on what to expect and how-tos for any bride. What I like about posts like that is how Xin manages to share her personal experiences in an open, friendly and helpful manner.

That’s it for today, have a great weekend and don’t forget to visit these blogs for more beauty and lifestyle inspirations!


9 thoughts on “Blogs We Read, Volume 2

  1. I enjoy reading SoLoverly’s blog too! Now that you have shared your favourite reads, I’m gonna add more to my Google Reader 😉

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