Hullo everyone! Happy Friday and happy doing-your-own-things-for-once-during-the-weekend.

Today’s post is different from what we normally do, and from our old attempt at doing a Friday link love post. ksuan and I discussed that it would be more useful to feature blogs that we enjoy reading, and inspire us in our daily lives (be it about beauty or fashion, or simply lifestyle). We’ll try to do these in volumes (hence the Volume 1) in the title, and it’s not in the order of most preferred blog or blogger. Rather, it’s a huge compilation of beauty/fashion blogs that we enjoy reading, so we hope you’ll enjoy these blogs too. Without further ado, here we go:My Women Stuff, written by Paris Beaverbanks, a.k.a. Paris B

Arguably one of the top beauty bloggers in Malaysia, Paris B has been blogging since 2007. ksuan and I discovered her almost simultaneously when we started reading beauty blogs, and from then we were drawn in by Paris’ prose and straightforward reviews. Her reviews are well-rounded, and she makes the effort to talk not only about the product, but give some background on the brand, or skin type, or miscellaneous points which are relevant to her blog post.  She keeps things interesting by blogging at least once a day, so readers can always look forward to a fresh new post every day. Paris also knows her products very well and her penchant for red lips has helped many a blogger and reader to embrace this timeless fashion trend.

Skin Deco, written by Connie de Alwis

Connie’s posts are well-written and we enjoy reading her blog for her make-up tutorials. I’ve seen most of her makeup tutorials and they’re well thought-out and planned. It also helps that her makeup tips are relevant for those with Asian and Caucasian features, which I find fills the gap in most tutorials – the ones I see are mainly Caucasian-skewed so it’s nice to get some knowledge on how to make the most out of Asian features. She’s got steps and videos to show you how to recreate her looks, and don’t forget to check out her post on shaping eyebrows. Connie’s blog also contains useful tips which are divided into categories, and I find her Budget Beauty tips to be of immense importance, especially for those who are still studying or freshly out of college.

Temptalia, written and edited by Christine, but now with more guest bloggers.

Temptalia is a US-based blog that’s great for product swatches and rankings. This is a professional-level blog site, which has grown from a blog chronicling MAC collections to an amazing beauty website. She created a foundation matrix, dupes list and product rankings to keep her reviews as unbiased and professional as possible, to give her readers more information, and her videos and photos are top-notch.

the beauty cabinet, written by Lyn

Another Malaysian blog that has great reviews, the beauty cabinet recently underwent a makeover and debuted a fresh, cute look. Lyn’s reviews are straightforward and informative, with great photos. What I enjoy about her blog is how she gives a ‘Beauty Cabinet Tip’, so it’s like a one-liner on how to use the product. Her reviews are very structured as well, making it an easy, fun read. the beauty cabinet covers a wide range of products, from high end to boutique brands, and it upped my knowledge meter on Japanese beauty products.

Well, that’s it from us for Volume 1. Can’t wait to roll out Volume 2 next! As mentioned, these blogs gave us plenty of knowledge and inspire us on how to write properly (and of course, how photos and layout should look like!) and we didn’t list them in order of preference. Also, reason for breaking it into volumes is because we cannot feature allllllll the blogs we want at one go (we’d probably break the record for most.boring.and.long.beauty.post.ever).

Happy weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “Blogs We Read, Volume 1.

  1. Thanks for the mention, sweetie! It really makes my day. Your blog is definitely one of my faves too! I love your honesty and coverage on such a wide variety of products 🙂

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