Hi guys!

I know, I know, we owe you a giveaway, and I promise I will try to do it this week. ksuan has been busy with work and apps, and work has been crazy for me, plus I had to tear my room apart and move out because we have contractors coming in.

So on to less hectic, and happier news: my review of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

There are many reviews out there regarding SK-II’s star product, and I think by now most of us are familiar with their marketing claims, e.g. more than 90% pitera to help repair skin, your solution to crystal clear skin, my miracle water, and so on, so forth. Admittedly it sounds too good to be true, and the folks at P&G have been very smart to use credible spokeswomen, such as Cate Blanchett, Qiqi and Haruka Ayase.

Before I continue with my review, let me share what my skin condition is like so that you’ll have a better idea of how SK-II reacted on my skin. Growing up, I had a very bad bout of acne vulgaris, so much so that I had to take Roaccutane (an oral medication) for about eight months. I took Roaccutane when I was 11/12, and I’m now 23, so my skin condition has improved. I still have one or two pitted scars from my acne days which can’t be improved on, oily skin and a few scars and discoloration.

Prior to using SK-II, I started getting a lot of blocked pores (or comedones) and they were on the lower part of my cheeks and near my jawline. Basically, the kind of blocked pores that you can never squeeze anything out of, and you can never scrub off. I had tried and it resulted in scarring (by this I mean scabs, and therefore discoloration), so I was feeling pretty miserable – and this was only 3 or 4 months ago.

I use SK-II by pouring a 20 sen coin-sized blob (it’s really like water) on my palm, using two fingers on the opposite hand, and patting them on my face, and then finally patting my palms together and putting it all over my face. I find that this saves against dripping and I get to concentrate on the worse parts of my face. It smells sour – anyway, pitera is fermented so the smell is slightly unpleasant but not too bad.

Within three weeks, my blocked pores disappeared and my skin felt slightly less oily. My scars were still there but not as apparent, and another nice surprise for me was how smooth my chin and upper lip felt. I have little whiteheads on my chin and upper lip, so this effectively smoothed or ‘melted’ the whiteheads away. I used this twice a day before my serum and I think it may have helped my serum sink in better into my skin. When I stopped using SK-II, my skin didn’t deteriorate, but I found that my oiliness came back more. So I’ve been using it again ever since.

So my verdict?

I definitely would repurchase (and I did!) because it works and it lasts a long time. I have heard that it stops working after a while but for now I’m happy because my skin texture appears smoother and healthier. It is expensive though, but RM499 gets you the mega 250ml bottle, so for me that works out well because I was using a 30ml bottle which lasted me a little over a month.

EDIT: There’s been quite a few trackbacks to this post and search terms such as “SKII for pimple skin” leading to this post. What I wanted to add here is I don’t think this product will give you miraculous results if you have cystic acne or have acne-prone skin. I saw a mom purchasing a whole set of SK-II for her daughter who had acne vulgaris and I was half-tempted to go over and say, “Please just solve your acne problem first, and then use SK-II or whatever else you want later”. In our ‘About Us’ section, you would know that ksuan and I took Ro-Accutane when we were younger and it was prescribed to us as a last-chance resort because all the topical medication was not working. Long story short, if you have severe skin problems such as rosacea or acne vulgaris (small pimples don’t count), please see a dermatologist first to get the proper treatment and don’t always depend on over-the-counter brands.

EDIT 26/7: More search trackbacks on whether SK-II helps with seborrheic dermatitis. I wouldn’t recommend it personally as it’s a dermatological condition. Please see a dermatologist for more information and proper help. 



16 thoughts on “Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

  1. ooo…I have a small bottle of this (the 30ml one I think) which was gifted to me about a month back – haven’t been motivated to dig into it yet, but after reading your review I think I should! 😀

    • Yep! I tried that bottle and it worked quite well for me. But I know PB said that it stopped working after a while, but while it works, why not hey?

    • Hi Fey, thanks for stopping by. I’ve only used the essence so far because SK-II is ridiculously expensive. I’ve seen an ex-colleague who uses the basic SK-II range and she used to have very oily skin prone to redness, and it didn’t look smooth. Saw her about a year later and her skin has improved. I do however have a mask, a sample moisturizer and a sample cleansing water which I will try and review later. Please feel free to email us or leave comments should you have any more queries!

    • Hi Ian, thanks for dropping by. I think SK-II’s FTE is suitable for both genders, but do drop by an SK-II counter to double check. I haven’t heard of the website that was recommended by Sym so it might be a good idea to purchase from a counter first. You can purchase the trial kit at RM199, which contains a 70ml-sized FTE, a mask and a small toner. Hope this helps!

    • Hi, here in Hong Kong, they have just released SK-II Men. Seems like a new line as they are just started advertising it. I think I’ll give it a try.. Maybe they’ll start introducing the Men line in more countries bits by bits later..

      • Hi Stephane, thanks for the heads up! They’ve just released the SK-II MEN range in Singapore as well. We’re curious and will see how it takes off here.

  2. I started to have pimples here and there after switching to sk-11 products. I am not sure is it the miracle water or the cellumination essence that causes it. But the whitening spot specialist definitely works on the pigmentation. Any suggestions on which product should I stop using. My skin use to be ok without pimples except some pigmentation.

    • Hi Cindy, thank you for stopping by. I suggest using one product at a time. For example, use the essence for a month without the whitening item and see if there are any breakouts. If there are, then you can take it out of your regime.

  3. It actually helps even out skin tone, improves it and also make the scars less visible. It even helps to dry out the pimples. I too have bad acne since I was 12. And now I am in my mid 30’s. But I would recommend whoever is suffering from severe acne to try Exposed Skincare from the US. It really works. You can order them online. But delivery charge is a bit costly. I started with that and it helped cleared the acne on my face. After that I use SKII products. The essence, leave on mask, and toner. It helps a lot with fixing the texture of the skin and you definitely will look younger without dull skin. So I’m just basically getting those hormone acnes when my period is nearing. Other than that I don’t break out anymore.

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